August 27, 2009


I don't have much to say - Chappaquiddick, open treason (covertly attempting to aid the Soviets during Reagan's presidency to help them defeat his anti-Soviet plans), booze-soaked career politician who only stayed there because of his name and not because of anything he ever did, because he never did anything good. I have to say, along with Frank J at IMAO, that I'm only now coming to terms with how insane it really was to have him in there all. these. freaking. years. How did that even work? Who was insane or amoral enough to keep putting him in there? What made anyone think he should be in charge of *anything* much less American people? Well, I don't feel any obligatory "Oh his poor family" coming on - I don't really give a fuck. He did far more harm than plenty of others and it's past time he was gone for good anyway. Happy dirt-nap. Oh, and enjoy the little movie; they're so much fun to make. If you make some of your own, share them with me and maybe I'll post them, too!