January 29, 2009

Media Moonbats

You know, I know the media is full of leftists and bullshit, but I really don't spend time on it - I mean, I like to actually stay informed, so I don't have the time to be paying much attention to moonbat antics on the television news, do I? But I came across this on NewsBusters and it just...how often do they just flat-out LIE like this? All the time? Moonbat idiocy really chaps my ass.

Norah dipshit: "Didn't she call him a TERRORIST on the campaign trail? Morris?

Morron: "A terrorist among other things...

Yeah, no. Morron, Morrah? No, she didn't. If you can find a single quote anywhere, anytime of Palin calling Obama a terrorist, I'd challenge you to PRODUCE it. It never happened. Liars. Smear-artists, painting other people with their feces and telling us all to like the smell. Screw 'em.

This is how LIES like "Rush Limbaugh called Chelsea Clinton a DOG when she was 13" get started and flourish for 16 long years, growing worse all the time. Because reporters just LIE.

January 28, 2009

New York Slimes - GWB

This is a fascinating pictorial with some extremely obnoxious commentary. I'm sure this is a MSM version of being objective and fair, but clearly it isn't. Still, it's worth reading to note the bias, and it's well worth looking at to see the pictures and find out what they are. The thing that's made me angriest so far is the commentary on his reaction to the news of the 9/11 attacks. They keep saying "He doesn't understand." None of us did. No one understood. All we understood when we saw it was that we were going to kill and break things until the scourge was eradicated.

January 27, 2009


You really have to read this to believe it. I'll quote a segment, but it's all pretty disturbing. And by "disturbing" I mean horrific.

Will the United States ever live with a nuclear Iran? And if not, how far are you going in the direction of preventing it?" asked the interviewer, Al Arabiya Washington Bureau Chief Hisham Melhem.

Obama responded only generally, expressing disapproval of an Iranian bomb but not the flat condemnation that is standard from American officials.

"You know, I said during the campaign that it is very important for us to make sure that we are using all the tools of U.S. power, including diplomacy, in our relationship with Iran," he said. "Now, the Iranian people are a great people, and Persian civilization is a great civilization. Iran has acted in ways that's not conducive to peace and prosperity in the region: their threats against Israel; their pursuit of a nuclear weapon which could potentially set off an arms race in the region that would make everybody less safe; their support of terrorist organizations in the past -- none of these things have been helpful."

Iran with nukes and an intent to destroy Israel and the West. Yeah, not very "helpful." This isn't diplomacy, it's destructive capitulation and pandering.


Meanwhile, did you know Obama is the first real American president? The Obamessiah watch continues.

Every president to hold office has espoused some version of Americanism; the truths that we hold self-evident, even when those truths are not always in evidence. But for all their grand rhetoric and mostly good deeds, none was able to seal the deal on the trifecta of equality, plurality and socioeconomic ascendancy. Obama has. Obama is the more perfect union. He is a house united. Obama is the New Generation and the hot light of a dawn that goes way beyond clever phraseology of "Morning in America." Quite simply, quite plainly, just by virtue ofhis being, Obama is America, and the first true American to lead our nation.

Uh. Okay.

For 8 years, life was good and easy for the liberal political cartoon community--they had George W. Bush & Dick Cheney to kick around. With hardly a care in the world, they boldly spoke truth to power, at immense personal risk to themselves, and quietly stacked their Pulitzers for being so bold and courageous and funny.

Then along came Barack Obama--the cool, handsome, African-American incarnation of JFK & Abraham Lincoln (no less). What were the professional sketch satirists to do?

Politico.com reports:

"I had all my villains in place for eight years and they've been taken away," lamented Pulitzer Prize winner Pat Oliphant, one of the most widely syndicated cartoonists. "I don't know that I've ever had this experience before, of a president I maybe like. This is an antagonistic art. We're supposed to concentrate on finding things wrong. There's no point in drawing a cartoon that's favorable."

Aww. No idea what to do without Bush to slam - best focus not on your hopey changey but on maybe dragging Bush to the Hague and putting him in prison for...something. That's the most productive use of your time. The objective, unbiased media in action.

January 25, 2009

The Man in the Mirror!

The definition of sincerity! Oh yes I believe!,/p>That man never listened to hate. NO "God damn America" for him. He listened to LOVE. Quite the man.

If you go to mock him, let me ask you - when's the last time YOU filled a stadium? Bitch!

That Wacky Olbermann!

Hilarious! That Sherrod Small is a damn funny comedian, too. H/T to Moonbattery

Update: Holy shit! When Farrakhan said Obama was the Messiah, he wasn't fooling! Check out this f*&^ing statue in Iowa! Isn't Obama on an ass redundant?

The website also reports that since the parade has ended, the sculpture will be retired to sit upon a taxidermist-mounted donkey.

Rut roh. PETA ain't gonna like that one.

January 23, 2009

Warning of a Holocaust Survivor

Shoes of prisoners in Majdanek tell a tale all their own. Is it to happen again?

At my dinner table on Friday night, a holocaust survivor admits that she is trying to persuade her son to take his family out of Europe to America, Canada, Australia, Canada, Australia, Israel...’They say they can’t leave me, but I tell them: “Go, get out. My parents left my grandparents behind in Berlin and brought me to safety in England. Now I want you to leave so that my grandchildren will be safe.”’ There is an unbearable desperation in her plea. But she has a point.

As tens of thousands of demonstrators march through the streets of Europe, the chants are modified but the message remains substantially intact: ‘Hamas, Hamas, Hamas — Jews to the Gas’. Or, more simply: ‘Death to the Jews’. Many European Jews, even well-established, affluent Jews, have been checking the suitcase they keep packed under the bed. They have been here before and many are (albeit reluctantly) reading the writing on the wall.

To some extent I thought I was inured. I grew up in postwar apartheid South Africa where a subtle undercurrent of anti-Semitism was a fact of everyday life. So while I was disturbed by manifestations of mob anti-Semitism, I was also less vulnerable to shock. That’s just how people are. Living in genteel, leafy Hampstead Garden Suburb provides an additional layer of protection from such crass outbursts.

But my sanguine state ends abruptly when I am out walking on Saturday. A hundred yards from my front door, I encounter the slogan, freshly painted in yellow, across the pavement: ‘Kill the Filthy Jews’. I am shocked. And shocked that I am shocked. The message is too close for comfort. The leafy gentility is, after all, an illusion.

...I am hoping that my psychiatrist will be able to explain why so many Jews have been propelled into the arms of those who seek their destruction. Precisely what part of the Hamas Charter are they defending?

No commentary. I pray for Israel and the Jews.

For Shame!

Why isn't this guy hanging his head in shame at his own stupidity? Do you know how many people I told at the time, while they were playing with calculators and talking about $36 more per year with Obama tax cuts, that not only were they missing the ENTIRE purpose and point of tax cuts, they were stupid for dicking around with entire tens of dollars when Obama wasn't going to do a damn thing in his alleged "economic plan" that he was forced to pretend he had?


What The Left Thinks Of You

Can we please, before anything else, resolve not to forget these things? The video I posted below of Bush being pelted with tomatoes at his inauguration, so on and so forth - I'm going to make a label for "the left hates you" and everything that fits this category will be tagged. This way we'll have just a smattering of it all in one place so we don't forget to return the favor for the next four years huh?

While I'm on the topic, if you haven't read this then read it now. Yeah, what he said.

January 22, 2009

The Future is Here!

Also, Hopey Changey LITTERBUGS? Say it ain't so!

January 21, 2009

Sleeping on the Job Already?

Some scenes from Bush's original inauguration. Tell me WHERE the hell were the tomatoes yesterday? Don't tell me we're lazy...oh, right. WE have JOBS. Unlike the assholes who do things like that. Well still, don't even tell me the Usurper gets a honeymoon. Oh hell no. I think he's had plenty honeymoon, what with the lack of tomatoes and then the NON-vandalized White House (another kindness Bush did not receive) to start working from. Let's step it up, and don't let the left imagine for one second they're going to be allowed to enjoy unsullied the Usurper's reign, that there is a honeymoon period, or that there will be a reprieve from partisanship or political warfare. The above video is just one more thing that will never be forgotten or forgiven. And anytime someone tells me "Oh come on, he's what we have now, make the best of it" I'm going to show them that and say, "When hell freezes over." Though since we seem to be headed for an ice age rather than global warming, maybe we need a new phrase.

H/T To Gonzo

They booed and pelted Bush on the way in. They booed him again AT THE INAUGURATION (just to remind you, WE didn't even boo CARTER on his way out). They boo a beautiful 6 year old girl at a photo op:

And then have the gall to ask us play nice? No, I really don't think so. Here's hoping the day comes that I get to boo Malia or Sasha over a loudspeaker - and I will. Even better, the lantern-jawed bowlegged Spider-Woman first "lady." Make her proud of her country, you know? I never got down into the filthy muck with the left - it's kind of freeing to be able to be THAT vicious and that tasteless...I wonder how long I can live with myself being on their level? Though I have yet to reach that low - they've left a tough roe to hoe there.

UPDATE: Keep it CLASSY, Blowbama. Skip the ball honoring the Medal of Honor servicemen (that no president has skipped in FIFTY-SIX YEARS) but make sure and get to the BET ball. It's more important. Good priorities, asshole. I guess it's the same as the canceled visit to wounded soldiers (since no cameras were allowed.) If the glory might be for someone else, you'd best skip it, self-aggrandizing prick.

Pondering the Banner

The upside down flag has great and grave meaning. But being in flux, I am not sure I will continue flying it as such. LC Subotai's post gives me pause:

A slightly different take, if I may. At my house, the US colors have until today flown every day since the moment that I saw the airliners hit on 9/11. When I moved to my current house, I installed a real flagstaff instead of the jury-rigged one I had at the old place. It has 3 sets of shackles on the halyard. I flew US colors over the First Navy Jack [the naval version of the rattlesnake flag that was the first set of US colors flown by the Continental Navy], over the colors of one of our allies in the war; primarily either the UK, our Aussie brothers, or Israel.

From today, I fly only the First Navy Jack, which the Secretary of the Navy ordered flown on all Navy vessels until the war is won. While I am sure that Hussein Pasha thinks he is done with the war, most assuredly the war is not done with us. The US colors have been safely stored. I am somewhat of a historian. I know that there are times when countries are under the occupation of hostile and foreign forces. We are in that place now. Just as patriots in such cases hide their national colors until they can fly freely again in peace or in war, I will await the day when we have a legitimate president and a government loyal to the Constitution again.

When I was an active Peace Officer, I was required by law to render aid in any emergency, even when off duty. It was my luck, good or bad, to find myself as first responder fairly frequently, when off duty. Since I retired, I am under no such compulsion. If I should find myself as a first responder again, and there is any indication that the victims are supporters of the Usurper, they can pray to him for help. They are not my countrymen.

LC Subotai Bahadur

January 19, 2009


So I'm seeing these ForumWarz ads all over the place, and thinking...ok sounds interesting. I guess. Went to try it out (it's freeeeee! - sort of.) and got lost in a jumble of confused information and directions. But apparently here, on this simulated world that is the internet, with all its simulated interaction...Forumwarz creates a simulation OF the simulation, in which you have to hack, troll, whore, or emo your way into pwning the fake message boards they show you. Who the hell spent the time creating all those characters and writing message board threads for them all? You go into simulated existing forums to do this stuff, after all; and they have ongoing conversations that you have to pwn.

Needless to say, this sounded extremely mega- well, META. Which makes it either too cool or too stupid for words. It's kind of like in Rockstar Games' "Bully", where to win certain challenges you have to play arcade games like "ConSUMO" against the nerds and beat their scores to win the clubhouse. Only in a really goony way. It's not like a mini-game, either; it's a simulation simulation.

Then to make it even skeezier, there are REAL message boards in there for people who PLAY the game, adding to the overall incomprehensibility of what you're trying to do. One of the threads on the "real" forums says "No trolling here" and you're like...is it a test? What the hell am I trying to accomplish? This is weird.

Finally it hit me, since there are so many 4-chan memes in it, it might be a good idea to see how they review such an exercise. I wasn't disappointed - I got more laughs from the Encyclopaedia Dramatica entry on the game than I did from playing the hour or so that I played. Also, it's not free if you actually want to progress. So there's that.

But for a few lulz, do read the intro to the ED game review; it's definitely good for some laughs. Skip the game.

January 17, 2009


Comeuppance. Getting what you deserve has never been funnier! Pimp Fail. Phelps fail. Oh fuck, the internet is here! 4-chan Anonymous /b/tards best Phelps. Niiice.

Star Wars Video

Hahaha! Awesome!

Also, "The way of life of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad"? I don't think so. Fuck you, CAIR.

January 16, 2009

Amazing! - UPDATE

Picture by Juliefainart. I really feel like I'm in fairyland tonight, so this was really the best picture.

I really can't believe this. It happened again, (twice in one week???? But it NEVER happens!!!) only it's more amazing, and I've seen something I don't really remember ever seeing before.

We got a nice dusting of snow today, maybe an inch or half inch. Sure enough, it was the separate, snowflake-shaped, individual crystals yet again, only with a little accumulation, and it never changed into something else, as I thought it would. So I'm getting out of the car after work, and the streetlight shows me the ground cover, and I had to lean down and get a better look at it. I swear I was looking at pure, sparkling diamonds strewn across the ground. Thankfully it's not one of those orange lights, but had a nice blue tint to it, a little closer to moonlight. There is moonlight too, but it's not full, unfortunately, so not quite bright enough to have the same effect. It was bizarrely dazzling.

Called my daughter to come look at it with me, and we both looked for a minute, rather stunned. Can anything outside of the bottom of a 7th grade girl's locker be THAT sparkly? I realize sparkles are out of favor in graphics, but surely it is all right when they just drop out of the sky and surprise you.

I said, again, "This doesn't happen all the time!" As a matter of fact I don't remember ever seeing anything quite like this. She picked up a small handful, and it looked like she was literally holding a handful of diamonds in the light. I ran out back to see it in just moonlight; but not quite bright enough to do the same thing. Then brought a handful in to look at under the light, and whoah! You could still see all the individual snowflakes! THAT'S why all the endless sea of tiny little dazzling sparks! It's reflecting on countless tiny surfaces of pure crystal! Wooooot!!!!

The above is made with polymers, but that's what it looks like for REAL. Only better.

I want to keep bringing handfuls in and looking at the sparkling, and at all the individual flakes that have not compressed, but it almost feels like I'm killing them as they melt. So then I had to quickly eat it so as not to waste them or feel like I'm hurting them or something hehe.

Thankfully it is absolutely bitterly cold, so those little guys aren't going anywhere for the rest of this night. I'm sure to be going back out a few times to marvel at this one. What a rare gift to receive twice. Maybe I just got a little wink from the heavens for appreciating it last time and not being able to share it. Isn't that a nice thought?

This? Not quite as pretty as what I'm seeing. But it'll last longer.

Of course if I was insane I might think it's a conspiracy. Like the aerosol rainbows near the ground - below:

Update!! I went out in the morning, and thankfully our absolutely frigid temps have held steady below 15. FULL SUN but only 15 degrees!

So I looked on the ground, and not only was it sparkling like a full load of diamond dust, it was OF COURSE reflecting the colors as well (something I hadn't foreseen!!) My entire lawn was made up of COUNTLESS, blinding, colors. Each spark was a color - deep blue, deep red, deep green, deep orange - but they were all put together in a BLANKET of FIRE. Blue, red, green, purple fire, all staring up at me from the cold cold ground. Again, you do not see this every day. Normally the sun equals melting. I'm dumbfounded. More!!!! More!!!

completely different phenomenon. Just one of those things. It doesn't sparkle even a little bit.

January 14, 2009

They Only Hate Us Because of BUSH!


Iranian demonstrators burned photographs of Barack Obama today as they protested against America’s inaction over Gaza.

Dozens of people gathered in Tehran waving Palestinian flags and defacing and setting fire to images of the President-elect.

Iranian demonstrators have often burned effigies or pictures of US presidents in the past but this appeared to be the first time Mr Obama’s picture had been defaced, a week before his inauguration as president.

The Iranian government has condemned the West, and the United States in particular, for not doing more to stop Israel’s attacks on Gaza. The 17-day-old offensive, which Israel says is to stop rockets being fired at it, has killed more than 900 Palestinians.

“Where are the freedom seekers?” read one poster held up by a demonstrator today protest. It had the word “Gaza” emblazoned on it and an image of a weeping Palestinian.

The demonstrators, waving Palestinian flags, some chanting “Death to Obama”, had gathered outside the Swiss embassy which handles US interests because Tehran and Washington have not had diplomatic ties for nearly three decades.

Pictures showed the president-elect’s image laid on the road for cars to drive over it and other images showed demonstrators burning an Obama poster.

In other recent protests against Israel’s Gaza offensive, demonstrators have climbed into a British diplomatic compound and gathered outside the missions of Jordan and Egypt, which have peace treaties with Israel, to condemn what they see as the inadequate international response.

Somebody's not feeling the hopey changeyness.

Bizarre Moment of Zen

The title is from The Daily Show - I don't watch it anymore, so don't know if they still use it or not.

That's a Japanese man doing the song and impersonating Louis Armstrong (one of my favorite songs, and I love Louis Armstrong). Apparently this "darkie" culture is pretty big there, and accepted. Then again, Ikizukuri also works there, which is something I really can't relate to. See below. And don't look if you're easily shocked.

Cracked says

You can even choose your own fish for the kill, so if you're an asshole you can go for the one which seems happiest at the moment. The chef will then use his Matrix skills to partially gut and cut it up in mere seconds and serve it you. The trick here? He must cut the fish without killing it. With its heart exposed and beating, gills still working, trying to gasp for air and those last few seconds of pain-filled consciousness, staring at you with its slowly dying eyes which ask you in a fainting tone... "Why... . why... wh... y... w," your fish is ready for eating.

Often the chef will take the pieces he cut from the fish and "reassemble" them, like some nightmarish jigsaw puzzle. It might be considered quite spectacular from a culinary point of view, but thinking of it as some form of sick joke to taunt the fish is much more rewarding.

I had seen it before on one of the Learning Channels, but at least Cracked makes it funny.

This is weird. I thought he was getting cold feet and backpedaling about this. Then again, I don't know if he's just trying to confuse the hell out of everyone by taking every position on every issue then going in and doing exactly what he wants, or if he's just so fucking stupid he doesn't know what he's doing or is going to do. We'll find out soon.

January 13, 2009

Ominous Signs

The USAF "flying saucer" that is set to "bomb Russia."

How sad is it when a newspaper that posts a picture like the above gives you more objective and better articles on global warming than the free press? Yeah, you saw it right; Pravda gets it right while the New York Times keeps sounding the warning bell and saying idiotic things like that the current cooling and record cold levels are proving global warming. While you're at it, do check out the apparent winner of Best Science Weblog of 2008, WattsUpWithThat? This way you can keep current on your coming Ice Age climatology, stun your friends and be a hit at parties. Oh, wait, that's physicists.

Have you been paying attention to the posts about the now obviously prophetic Ayn Rand book Atlas Shrugs? If not, here are a couple posts to get you started. Just watch it unfold, and keep watching. Rand, Orwell - there is nothing in those books that is not happening now, this very day.

One thing that kind of bugged me today was Rush making a prediction and telling us to write down the date, when the prediction was actually something that has been covered in Animal Farm and is just plain obvious to most of us. However I'm gonna include the transcript of the segment because there are some good things in it anyway. Predicting that the media will lie about the economy - as though they've ever done anything else - just isn't anything to brag about. Just lies and stupidity, because they don't know anything about it and the people reading/watching don't know anything about it, so whatever they say just gets taken as read. (Yes, both left and right apply there - I'll have to go back and cover the Townhall economic letter I got recently - tooo horrid.) It's pretty tragic when people don't even look at their own LIVES and see what is going on there - they just listen to the newsman and the papers and say "Yeah! Yeah, the economy, that thing! It's like THAT now!" I'm sorry, but that's about the level of intelligence displayed on this particular topic. It never rises above idiot level as a general principle. Paul Krugman? Really? Now he's got the word "Nobel" before his name, you think he knows something? (Actually, I suspect he does; he is one of the few genuine liars, who likes to manipulate the public - as opposed to just not knowing what he's talking about, like most of them.) May I just remind you that Arafat has a Nobel prize too. For PEACE. Doesn't mean a fucking thing.

Just go back and read about Squealer the pig in Orwell's book. Squealer was the media, and he was constantly telling the animals whatever was most useful to the rulers at that moment. They may have been starving, but he would tell them they were really doing very very well! Yay! We're doing it! Yes we can! and they bought it. As they were stealing the eggs out from under the chickens, "Yay! We're doing it! We're prospering more than ever now! Yes we can!" The chickens suspected something wasn't quite right, but they never wised up because, you know, they're fucking chickens. So are most people, unfortunately. Then when times had been good they were told that times were really hideous and they were really all in bad bad shape! Ooooh that horrible MAN, look what he's doing to us! We're all poor and in rags (oh wait, we're not, but never mind, listen to Squealer!) It's genuinely infuriating but what else is new? When I get sick of the nonsense I go to an Austrian site, curl up with a few good pieces and ignore the clamor for a while.

Transcript of Rush segment below:

RUSH: Now, Snerdley has asked a good question. Rare, but good question. When it doesn't work, aren't the American people going to blame the guy in charge? Well, who's that going to be? Obama? I am surprised at this question. I'm surprised that you would ask this question. Do you think the American people are going to blame Obama?

Let me tell you what's going to happen. Mark this date down, January 9th, 2009. Within a week -- 'cause it's already actually started -- within a week of the Immaculate Inauguration, we're going to start seeing stories that will feature those man-on-the-street interviews with people whose lives are starting to get a little bit better and they see the light at the end of the tunnel now. They go on more job interviews and they are doing a little bit better. The Drive-Bys will start setting the stage to create the impression in the minds of people that we're coming back, when we're not. Just as they try to set up this mood that we're going to hell in a handbasket when we're not, notice how that works. That convinces people, the old sawbuck, "Well, I'm doing fine, but I'm hearing on the news my neighbor is about to lose his job, we're in trouble here." So how does it play when you're outta work, but you hear that other people are getting jobs? If you are an Obama voter, you think your time is just around the corner, you gotta be patient because he's already working, his plan is already working.

Snerdley, why would people who voted for Obama on the basis of vibes, good feelings, and all this meaninglessness, all of a sudden turn substantive? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. They're not going to lose their homes. There was a piece of legislation being debated now to keep 'em in there. They're not going to lose their homes. The only people that are going to lose their homes are people that can afford to pay for it, but for some reason don't. There will be people out of work, but there will be hope, because there's change. And this attitude of hope will sustain people through the bad times 'cause Obama is there. You've gotta understand how the media is going to portray this, and then to the extent that that doesn't work on everybody, there's always, "It was much worse than we knew because of Bush." Remember, Bush is going to be a whipping boy. I would love to say that you're right, that the American people, not going to take 'em too long to figure out that this is bogus, this guy sold them a bill of goods, that their economic situation is in the toilet, somebody's about to hit the flusher, and they're gonna want change and so forth again, but it took four years for that to materialize with Jimmy Carter, and Jimmy Carter ain't no Barack Obama in terms of being able to hypnotize people while he speaks.

RUSH: Perhaps if there are people in the audience... Those of you out there who happen to agree with Snerdley and disagree with me, who believe that the American people will not put up with economic failure for very long and will get mad at Obama, may I remind you of the reputation Franklin Delano Roosevelt has to this day among people who voted for him? Franklin Delano Roosevelt did an Obama and prolonged the Great Depression by seven years. He won two terms and nearly got away with packing the Supreme Court. The war came along, but there were seven years, there were seven years of abject misery before the war came along during the Great Depression, when the New Deal was put into place. As my buddy Steve Gilbert reminds me, people were singing songs of joy back then. "We're in the money now. We're in the money now," and unemployment was at 25%.

It was much higher than what we have today. And if you think, if you think a demagogic, flowery-spoken candidate or president with an accomplice media can't convince people things are great when they're bad, you've got another think coming. If they can convince 'em things are horrible when they're good, the opposite's also possible. To this day people who were alive and voted for Roosevelt think he's the greatest president we ever had, and not because of World War II. It's because of Social Security, because of Medicaid, because of the New Deal. So don't doubt me. Don't think the American people that voted for this guy are going to turn on him in two years. I'm sorry to be depressing, but it's realistic. It gives you an idea. There's good in everything that happens. This is a profound opportunity we have here. It will all unfold as we lead our way back to prominence here.

Only Police Should Have Guns - The Execution of Oscar Grant

There was a fight in a subway car in San Francisco New Year's Day. Tons of people got footage of this incident in addition to the surveillance camera footage, which has not been released yet. A bunch of men were pulled off the car by transit police and made to sit at the station. We do not know if this man was involved in the fight, but witnesses say he was telling the other men to "Do what they say, just do what they say!" and saying "Please, I have a 4 year old daughter, please don't do anything." You can obviously see the rest.

I know how deceiving things can be, considering the Rodney King debacle, where we now know what happened before the 43 seconds of video tape. This doesn't look like anything approaching that scenario; this by all appearances is a brutal execution of an unarmed man for no reason. You can bet it would be different if a citizen had tried to do this to a policeman.

I would have done anything to be at the protests, but of course I can't because they turn into riots. This is what happens when only the police have firearms. This is what happens when government authority runs riot. Unfortunately people don't understand that in order to put this man away for a long, long time you have to actually get depositions and build up an ironclad court case. I will be following this case to see what comes of it; but I sure hope to hell justice is served properly.

While we're here, it's NOT A TRUCK - IT'S A SERIES OF TUBES - massive, tangled tubes. The intertubes! Enjoy.

January 10, 2009

Stop and See the Snowflakes

Lucy of the Peanuts wouldn't eat snowflakes until January. They weren't ripe yet.

Today I had to work OT, and there were just a few tiny flakes falling down, not enough to wet the ground or be even barely visible. This lasted a few hours. Twice I went outside and twice I watched the snowflakes land in the dark faux fur on my coat and each one was an individual, each one was perfectly shaped, though they were all different. They looked much like the ones above - they all had six sides, but some were intricate and some were flatter and more platelike. They were all amazingly beautiful.

The first time, I went back in and tried to call my family to tell them to go outside. No answer. The second time, I got no answer again so I told my co-worker to take a quick walk out the door and see what I had seen. Before I could finish my sentence, she cut me off yelling "OMG SNOW! I have to drive home in this, oh SHIT." I had already explained that there was nothing happening - that kind of snow melts a moment after it lands, and it is all separate, tiny, floating things. Not the driving crystals associated with slippery roads or, if you're like me, snowmobiling. So I called my boss on the other side. I told her the same thing, and she laughed in my ear. At me. She had no intention of going out.

I told five people in all, one of whom was outside WITH me and had one on his arm that we both looked at, and not a single one was interested. Snow like that doesn't happen every day. In fact, here, we don't get it but once every several years, if that.

What the hell happens to people? I know it's not "growing up" because I'm grown up. I know it's not just working because my husband would have been interested, and he has worked his whole adult life.

Do they all just lose their sense of wonder? Do they ever, like me, just go out in the rain and take their shoes off and splash in the puddles?

More importantly, if I had said this to YOU and you were with me, would you have looked and marveled at the snowflakes? Would you have wondered at their beauty? Would you have laughed at me? Would you have panicked? Do you still have your sense of wonder and beauty in the little things that happen around you when you're lucky? Please, tell me these answers. I am not being flowery or rhetorical. What would you do, and what do you do? With things like this?

January 9, 2009

New York Slimes Howls at the Moon

Barking moonbats never, ever get sick of doing this, and since the fun is almost over, some are falling all over themselves to get in a really spectacular ending. This is so insanely over the top - and in a paper that likes to pretend it has some semblance of respectability - that you really, truly have to think it's just too ridiculous to be a decent parody. That's because it isn't. Lest anyone ever tell me I've overstated the Unhinged Bush Derangement Syndrome, don't tell me. I will only point you back here and laugh. Classy, and crazy, right to the end, the howling moonbats.

WE like our failed presidents to be Shakespearean, or at least large enough to inspire Oscar-worthy performances from magnificent tragedians like Frank Langella. So here, too, George W. Bush has let us down. Even the banality of evil is too grandiose a concept for 43. He is not a memorable villain so much as a sometimes affable second banana whom Josh Brolin and Will Ferrell can nail without breaking a sweat. He’s the reckless Yalie Tom Buchanan, not Gatsby. He is smaller than life.

The last NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll on Bush’s presidency found that 79 percent of Americans will not miss him after he leaves the White House. He is being forgotten already, even if he’s not yet gone. You start to pity him until you remember how vast the wreckage is. It stretches from the Middle East to Wall Street to Main Street and even into the heavens, which have been a safe haven for toxins under his passive stewardship. The discrepancy between the grandeur of the failure and the stature of the man is a puzzlement. We are still trying to compute it.

I know. It's hard to believe such a thing is written in earnest about the basically mild-mannered Texan who bears all this madness with incredible grace, and only showed real anger when thousands of our people were brutally slaughtered by madmen. But there it is. Bush is simultaneously a slope-browed Neanderthal and Satan incarnate, the greatest and not-banal-but-totally-banal-anyway evil ever visited on the Late, Great Planet Earth, which he singlehandedly destroyed. From the depths of the oceans to the far corners of the earth to the heavens and stars, this meaningless, small creature has laid ruin to the UNIVERSE! He rattles on with indictment after indictment in this manner, contradicting himself constantly, from the typical Bush-rained-fire-and-water-down-on-New-Orleans-in-a-murderous-rage to the fact that only 1/3 of US citizens want him to play a post-presidency role in our lives. Hey, that's a hell of a lot more than wanted Carter, and he hasn't gone anywhere, has he? At least Bush is willing to get the hell of the stage and not become a professional dick for the next 40 years. Read it if you can bear it, but remember to laugh.

"Fort Campbell Troops Say Bush Visit Gives Hope, Inspiration"

And now for someone with more than two brain cells actually firing.

Lastly…can we finally be done with all the hatred? George Bush is very soon to be out of a job. Time to let up on him a bit, don’t you think? Erase the hate, Lefties. You can stop proclaiming him to be the anti-christ, evil incarnate, the boogeyman, Darth Vader, or the Heartbreak of Psoriasis. The guy did his best. Like him, don’t like him, he kept us from attack for seven-and-a-half years so let it go. Your guy is in now, so relax. Have fun again. Laugh without derision. Smile without the snide. You remember how? Take off your flak jackets, it’s going to be okay. Our brave warriors did some serious ass-kicking in the Middle East, and though there’s no shortage of crazy Islamo-fascist bad guys yet to come, at least they know who they’re f*cking with.

Somehow along the way, so many of you forgot one simple, undeniable tenet: We’re the good guys. We’re not imperialists, or else we would’ve nuked the oil countries into radioactive dust, then moved in and taken the oil. We don’t ‘torture’ prisoners, or lawyers for the Gitmo ‘detainees’ would have CNN photographing the horrid scars and missing limbs. We don’t bully smaller, less developed nations. On the contrary, we expend our more precious asset: the blood of our brave, bright and courageous young men and women – all in committed effort to free them from despotic, brutal dictators. We are not brash. In 1991 we amassed a coalition of 34 nations before we acted to oust Saddam Hussein from Kuwait, and this after months and months of negotiations and U.N. resolutions. Twelve years later after waiting six months and seeing fourteen U.N. resolutions ignored by Hussein, George W. Bush had accrued a multi-national coalition and a majority vote in Congress before sending troops into Iraq. We are the big dog on the block. And yet we ask no penance from lesser countries. Instead we offer aid in the form of cash, medicine, and humanitarian help. When we go after bad guys in war, we don’t carpet bomb, or blow up civilian-filled buses. We have smart bombs that pinpoint targets to limit collateral civilian casualites. We’re the good guys. Only an entrenched self-loathing hatred of America will prevent you from seeing that. If that’s the case, you have my sympathy. But don’t let the door hit you on the way out. And yes, this is our country, whether a Democrat of a Republican occupies the White House.

Go read that one when you have a chance. I'll wait.

That's better. Mr. Bush, you catered too much to the left and though the economy grew, you did let them get away with way too much so we're in a bit of a pickle now. But I remember the day you showed up at Ground Zero, where those of us nearby had been rather cut off from the world at large, and I saw those dispirited, abjectly heartbroken men and women digging through the rubble lift their eyes, their heads, and their hearts. The cheers were deafening. While Bill Clinton rambled through the streets accosting people to tell them he was THIS CLOSE to Bin Laden, you lifted the spirits of every man and woman in that rubble, and they desperately, desperately needed you. You have quietly gone to visit with countless soldiers and their families, and they too needed you. It wasn't a photo op (as was Obama's canceled visit to wounded soldiers when no cameras were allowed) - it was a labor of love. Some of us know this. We may have been disappointed by your centrism but we know you are not an evil man or a bad man, but a decent one. You have had your shining moments, and some of us will remember them, I promise. Please do not be too downcast about the barking and the completely discredited mainstream media; retire in peace.

January 7, 2009

You Really Can't Write This Stuff

Larry Flynt (yes, that Larry Flynt) and Joe Francis, CEO of Girls Gone Wild and criminal underage pornographer have requested a 5 billion dollar bailout from congress. Well, they're probably hurting what with all the free porn available to all ages on the internet. Hey, it's been a long time since we hunted through National Geographic to catch a glimpse of boob. Actually I don't even know why I did that considering my father kept Playboy right by the toilet and it wasn't exactly as 'tasteful' then as it got later. What do you mean, girls don't do that? Shut up.

I don't know. Flynt's an asshole and obviously Francis is too, and Flynt loves to make a mockery out of the US government and the legal system, but...at this point, who cares? We've got a whole cast of barking moonbats taking charge, what's left to "make" a mockery of? It would be kind of funny if they got it, and frankly there are worse misuses of our tax dollars (trillions worth coming right up!) so go for it, guys. Strike while the iron's hot.

January 6, 2009

Bloomberg in Yer Puter, Shredding Yer Anti-Semitism

Finally some common sense. Well maybe except the last 30 seconds or so ;)

Oh yeah, more common sense. At last.

Lastly, what the HELL is HuffPo HUFFING? There has to be a political reason for this one, but I'm drawing a blank. HuffPo exposing global warming as an utter (and obscene) hoax? Huh?

January 2, 2009

We Need Laughs

Here they are: Hitchens pwns Maher and his stupid audience.

Pure Lulz.

January 1, 2009

Little Moshe

Look at Moshe's face. LOOK at it. Moshe is weeping and wailing because his parents were murdered right in front of him in Mumbai. They were murdered FOR being Jewish. There was all of one Rabbi and ONE Jewish Centre in the whole place, and 1/5 of the terrorist contingent was focused on torturing and killing THEM - those dirty Jews. As he sat drenched in their blood, in the middle of the INHUMAN scene below, you just remember to think of that little baby next time you tell me about fucking Hamas or how MEAN Israel is. And then? Don't do it, because I hate you. No patience, NO MERCY for Palestinian sympathizers and other Arab terrorist sympathizers and all Amti-Semite descendents of Ishmael. None. They can ALL die with Moshe's little face on their souls for all eternity.

Thank God, Moshe is doing all right - as all right as someone can do who has been through such horror. His nanny rightly got him OUT of the building (though she castigates herself for not trying to help the dead parents, God bless her) and his custody was not secure last I checked, but he has his nanny, and she says he is learning to play and laugh again, though he wants her nearby at all times.

Read the full story (that's not a request; read it.) And don't EVER tell me Hamas is just too stupid to know any better and needs a little understanding - Hamas can eat my shit and choke on it, then get their faces stomped on. No mercy. No justice, no peace. Instead of building a terrorist BASE camp on the strip, they should have instead PEOPLED it and tried to build a life - they didn't. End of story; now they go bye-bye. And I won't weep a single tear.