December 31, 2010

Elton John and Levon...

Obviously it will be cut off so *after* you read, take a look at itHERE and see if you don't feel it.

Ok LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Elton John and his partner have become the proud parents of a son born to a surrogate in California on Christmas Day, US Weekly reported on Monday.

The boy, named Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John, is the first for the British rock star and Canadian filmmaker David Furnish, who have been together since the early 1990s.

"We are overwhelmed with happiness and joy at this very special moment," US Weekly quoted the pair as saying. "Zachary is healthy and doing really well, and we are very proud and happy parents."

The magazine said the boy weighed 7 pounds, 15 ounces, and it quoted a representative for the 63-year-old musician as saying that no further details about the surrogacy arrangement would be disclosed. John's spokeswoman told Reuters the report was accurate.

The pair, who entered into a civil union in 2005, tried to adopt an AIDS-infected orphan in Ukraine last year, but were thwarted by government regulations.

Glad they're keeping the woman's name out of everything - could you imagine the hounding she'd take the rest of her life? Forget it. And I know he's awfully old but he seems healthy so hopefully he will be around for the little guy a good while.

So me, I'm looking at that 5 part name and thinking - Levon...LEVON?! That's one of Elton's songs! Isn't that kind of like pretentious and self-aggrandizing and annoying, just the kind of thing celebrities do? And feeling annoyed. Then I went and looked at the lyrics and I got choked up as I listened to it - Levon was born on Christmas - see I didn't know that. And he shall be Levon, and he shall be a good man. And he shall be Levon, in accordance with the family plan

Then I just pictured a little baby on Christmas with people who love him and named him accordingly. So anyway now go look at the video with the lyrics ya' hardasses, and go with it eh? A happy New Year to everyone and your families. May the coming year bring you all you hope for it to. And there is much to hope for this year. So keep that hope alive. God bless us all. And Levon ;)

December 29, 2010

I Can't Help Liking This Boy


I just can't help it; every time I see this, and I know this kid is obviously influenced by the toxic media that hates all things conservative (or even libertarian for some reason), but I just keep liking him more. He's adorable. And hilarious yet sad too. And you can see he means what he's saying. I'm signing up for his youtube channel; that's it. He won me over. Do give it a look; at the very least he really does cover most everything that happened this year :)

Happy New Year!

Lefty Lunacy Fun

So before we celebrate the New Year with something uplifting let's shred some leftism - it took me exactly 7 seconds to type in the address of a popular leftist blog and lo & behold, post #1 was just ripe for the wood chipper, so let's do it. I'm not linking it (no linky love from me! plus I don't want any infestations) but I'll save the link for posterity (if you really want it ask me in private.) The question posed to the posters was "What person/scenes/quotes would you like to see on your country's currency?" Now that's not something you really want the left's opinion on...until you start thinking about it. Why the hell not? At the moment I can still BUY some toilet paper with it but soon I'll be wiping my ass WITH the stuff anyway, since the fed's just printing it out at will, right? So my original horror at the answers quickly gave way to laughter, as I'm sure will yours. Now it's rather new so I'm sure fun new stuff will be added but for now here are some choice tidbits:

First response

Hillary Clinton
And yeah, I laughed right there.

Women poets: "Wild Geese" by Mary Oliver: You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.

Ok honestly I'm not a poetry fan but it seems like it sucks to me. Who knows. Bit odd to be putting on a ten-spot, but hey, who am I to complain?

USA -- how about some lines from "This Land is Your Land." And not the first verse. The other verses, the ones that never get sung cause they're all socialist and shit. These verses -- As I was walkin' - I saw a sign there And that sign said - no tresspassin' But on the other side .... it didn't say nothin! Now that side was made for you and me! In the squares of the city - In the shadow of the steeple Near the relief office - I see my people And some are grumblin' and some are wonderin' If this land's still made for you and me.

Where they gonna fit all that? On the back?

Ellen Page (yes, the little girl from Juno who played a pregnant teenager and also from Hard Candy who played a revenge-seeking little girl against an alleged pedophile) and her quote: "I am a feminist and I am totally pro-choice, but what's funny is when you say that people assume that you are pro-abortion. I don't love abortion but I want women to be able to choose and I don't want white dudes in an office being able to make laws on things like this. I mean what are we going to do – go back to clothes hangers?"

Because that's like, totally what money should, like, say and stuff. Hehe.

Then we get, oh, Georgia O'Keefe (maybe one of her vagina paintings on the back, eh?) and Martin Luther King (no word on whether anything possibly plagiarized should be included) then my favorite so far

Oh, and the US should replace "In God We Trust" with "Property is Theft".


I would kind of like to see a ban on white dudes on money for a hundred years or so.

Ah, yes, the white dudes. Gotta ban them. That one also suggests that money be made different sizes for the visually impaired - I would have gone with Braille, but what do I know?

I'd love to see currency with the slogan "From each according to ability; to each according to need."

Well why not? We're all socialists now, right Newsweek? Well, before you sold your magazine for $1 that is.

I'd love to see US currency have actual quotes by Thomas Paine. I wonder sometimes if alot of "patriots" have any idea at all what it was the revolution was fought for. I think they might shit their collective pants.

Well...considering what your friends are suggesting, I kinda doubt that we'd be the ones shocked, but ok...

Billie Holliday, Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, Emily Dickinson, Toni Morrison, Janis Joplin, Katharine Hepburn, Sylvia Plath, Betty Friedan, bell hooks, Abigail Adams, Kate Chopin, Flannery O'Connor, Margaret Sanger, Mae Jemison, Margaret Mead

Does Rosa Parks come with a NAACP sticker on the back? Does Margaret Sanger get a token quote about eugenics? Or Margaret Mead about the hoax that was perpetrated on her by the Samoan girls? So many possibilities.

Well, on a fun note, the Ronald Reagan Commemorative Postage Stamp (his second) just went on sale, and the nice thing is they said they're replacing the "44 cents" with "Forever" so if you stock up now you can use them when the rates go up! I was gonna put a pic but my keyboard is sticking; it's on google. Enjoy!

December 24, 2010

Christmas Greeting From A Great President Past

Since we'll never hear anything like it now, here's one for the ages: If it's cut off, view HERE

December 11, 2010

Pure Hilarity - MUST See

If it's cut off, view it HERE

I wish I could give it away to entice you to watch, but if I do, most of the buildup is lost. I was literally cheering as it went on, and if you have watched SNL or politics for the past 36 years as I have, you will be too.) It just keeps getting better and better and better. HOW did they get this CAST???? Holy shit! Let's just say you're about to see the most amazing sketch that SNL would never have the balls to do anymore. Oh, I don't care about the message (or the fact that SirObin bravely ran away from his own press conference rather than actually, you know, get to WORK or anything, highlighting the most shameful moment in presidential history in my lifetime. And I watched Nixon resign and the Clinton impeachment, so what does that tell you?) but trust me - watch and be taken back...back...back...and laugh your ass off!

December 9, 2010

Cry, Baby, Cry! KOS Nooz.


Ok this is gonna be a long one, but I assure you it's worth it. Liz at braved the cesspool that is KOS to bring it to us and I'ma rip it to shreds one delicious bite at a time.

As the last election cycle demonstrated, reckless government has awoken the sleeping giant at last (boy was he sleeping hard) and while it must NEVER be pleasant to be a leftist, it's about to get one hell of a lot harder for a long time to come. Too many years we had to be "above" their sleazy level, be the better person, compassionate conservatism blahdeblahdeblah. The bashing was ceaseless, constant, it became like white noise and Bush for all his faults didn't crumple under it and have a mental breakdown. Sure some of us have been angry for a long time, but now millions upon millions more are angry and what's more they're done playing that game. The one some of us knew they could never win anyway. Ok, on to the KOS post that so inspired me - because the taste of their tears is sweet like candy, like sugar, like milk and honey. KOS - you EARNED this and I'mma give it to you.

First, the link - Title: Unsubscribed from Organizing For America - Moved to Tears - we'll see if Markos scrubs it like he does so many other things. I've got it anyway. Title "Unsubscribed from Organizing for America - Moved to Tears. By a man.

I watched some of President Obama's comments in his press conference today, one day after I sent him a letter in response to an Organizing for America email, expressing my disappointment in some of his policies and his proposal to extend all of the Bush tax cuts.

I'm sure he'd already received it and it was his number one priority to address your letter. He didn't have anything better to do that day anyway. Not even a golf game in sight. Now what are we talking about - HIS proposal to extend the tax cuts? HIS proposal? No, honey, let me explain this to you - our guys were not going to play ball on that one, no way no how. And apparently with Obama you don't even have to be in your seat yet; you just have to not blink. They didn't blink. See, it was all or nothing on that one - let the taxes increase for *everyone* - including you leftist bloggers and the people barely scraping by paycheck to paycheck (not that you'd know about THAT; that involves WORK) - or leave the tax rates as they are across the board. He knew how you'd scream if your paychecks (those of you who get them) got smaller and frankly, he also knew it would be wrong to do that to them. He doesn't get why it's wrong to do it to the richer people, but he got that it would be wrong to do to the poorer among us. You didn't get that memo or didn't understand it. Moving on then, since you're a wordy fucker.

Today I saw a president openly mocking and disparaging the principled activists of his party. He sounded like he didn't want my support or the support of any progressives -- that he is done with us and plans to make no attempt to woo us by embracing any of our principles and policy preferences as he has done so frequently and self-abasedly with conservative Republicans.

First of all...WOO you? What are you, 14? An idiot? It is not the president's job to "woo" you - that's called campaigning. See, he's got the job now and he has to, like, DO it. I know, foreign concept. He doesn't have time to KEEP stroking your schlong for you anymore every second of every freaking day - not if he wants to get anything at all done; you people are ENDLESSLY greedy for stroking and you expect it from the guy as your birthright; well grow up.

Second of all, I watched the thing, and what I saw was a man who was TRYING to explain this all to you in very simple terms why it had to happen this way. They weren't lobbing softballs or writing puff pieces this time; this was his time to "get even" with the GOP and you were thirsty for conservative blood, and you thought he could get it for you. He couldn't. And you were galled. Surprisingly enough, not at them for being so insistent, but at HIM this time. I don't think he saw that one a'comin'. Because you built this man up to be a God...well he's a God who BLEEDS! (5 pts for reference.) The FIRST TIME he meets up with the new folk, he strikes a pretty even compromise (you know, that thing you're always telling conservatives to do?) and you call that "frequently and self-abasedly with Republicans"??? Are you kidding me? What in the hell are you going to do for two years when he's forced to make bigger compromises and take bigger losses? Do your heads go 'splodey or what? Because even Olbermann went on an unbelievable rant already; spewing the same shit he always does, only this time at his own guy instead of teh ebil Bush. My God, when it comes time to defund Obamacare and actually make cuts, what happens to you? I can't wait to find out.

But you know, if you had any sense at all, you would have actually listened to his explanation. He even did it your way - he blamed the Republicans for it (you say blame, I say credit - potayto potahto) - and you still wouldn't listen? Why? He was telling the truth (loosely defined) and in all likelihood he did his best (he did come out with a few things of his own, you know) but his best isn't going to be everything you want it to be - nobody's best could be, and this time he's up against real competition for the first time. This time he didn't have an entire congress and senate full of supporters to ram it through without reading it first. (Well...technically he DID, but whatever. I'm not really sure why he had to do this.) And you take his explanations as mockery of you? Get over yourself. He read your fucking letter and he did the best he could about it!

He sounded like he would not even try to "earn back my support and the support of the millions of progressive Democrats, especially young people like myself who invested so much hope in your candidacy two years ago," as I asked him to do in my letter.

Like I said, he read it first thing, and he really tried, my darling. Earning your support is his #1 priority. Along with his 8 thousand other number one priorities.

Then, this evening, I got another email from OFA, asking me to watch a video of President Obama promoting the Republican tax cuts for the rich and to leave a comment as feedback to the Obama campaign. I watched the video and left the following comment:

Whoah whoah - back up there, buddy boy. There were no tax cuts involved here - not for the wealthy. What was on the table was maintaining current tax RATES, not making cuts. Please do get your facts straight on this because it's rather important. Tax cuts come later. Coming soon to a district near you!

* Eric Stetson's diary :: :: * I think President Obama is making a big mistake by moving so far to the right and essentially doing exactly what Republicans want, a tax policy that will increase the deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars and necessitate deep spending cuts that will be devastating to the economy.

Ok, how can I explain this one. First of all, the guy couldn't be more leftist if he were Stalin. He REALLY IS on your side. He studied and believes in Marx. He was raised into Islamicism. He finds it beautiful. He makes grandiose speeches to Middle Eastern Islamic leaders about how wonderful they are and bows to them when he can. This "move so far to the right" was an ever-so-slight swerve to avoid a massive pothole - if you think this is moving to the right, you are in for a VERY rude awakening. He hasn't even thought of coming close to the middle yet, and he's going to have to (or he'll have to use his own unemployment plan).

Second of all snookums, the Republicans did NOT get exactly what they want - not by a long shot. They made what is called a compromise wherein each side gives up something and try to come out fairly even. It was too soon for cuts, and continuing unemployment was not a bad one to compromise on for the Rs. With all due respect to Mark Levin, my favorite, this was not at all a bad deal for either side. Certainly not this early in the game.

Lastly, maintaining tax rates does not devastate the economy - tax hikes do. To stimulate the economy you make tax CUTS. You see, the government doesn't CREATE wealth and as Obama found to his chagrin, there are no such things as "shovel-ready jobs" like he thought there were. You make a couple trillion dollars fiat money and that doesn't put everyone to work building highways, unfortunately. All it does is create enormous debt. If you want the economy to grow, government has to GET OUT OF THE WAY of business so it can DO business and put people to work earning sweet sweet dough. That's how the real world works.

I was an enthusiastic supporter and volunteer in Mr. Obama's 2008 campaign, but I am very disappointed with his presidency so far. I was disappointed that he did not fight for a public option in the health care reform bill. I was disappointed that he did not close the Guantanamo Bay prison. I was disappointed that he did not allow investigations of high ranking Bush administration officials who authorized the use of torture. I was disappointed that he escalated the war in Afghanistan.
Ok you mixed them in together but let me pick 'em apart for you. He DID fight for a public option and wasn't able to get it if he wanted his health care plan to go through at all. I don't know why since he had both houses firmly stacked, but that's just how it went. They had to pick something out of that monstrosity, and that was the bit that got taken out of that MASSIVE chunk of bill. He got the rest of it through, or did you miss that part?

Now, Guantanamo Bay - you see, I know he WANTED to do that and YOU wanted him to do that but that was never going to happen. Because once he got there, you see, he found out that you really CAN'T do that. You really CAN'T, as we've tried to explain to you for YEARS now, simply let terrorist enemy combatants loose in the world, and the civil court is certainly not equipped to deal with them. So there has been a stalemate, or another sort of compromise - you don't set them loose or bring them through civil court, and we won't put them in front of a tribunal as SHOULD be done. See how that works? They get to live - in comfort - but they don't get OUT. Until we can get them properly before tribunals, that's how it's going to have to be, and Obama had to face this hard REALITY pretty quickly. You haven't caught on yet is all.

He hasn't brought the troops home and he's escalating efforts in the worst possible area (Afghanistan isn't worth it and doesn't need it) because the man has no foreign policy or military experience, which we told you in the first place. You knew that's what Biden was there for, but Biden is busy eating burritos or something, faking an Indian accent to get into the 7/11. So Joe's a little busy to help with foreign policy decisions. Actually, the man was such an embarrassment they had to shut him up permanently, but we won't talk about that. Many lulz have been denied us that should have been ours from Biden, so I will hold that against you.

At any rate, while he WANTS to simply bring the troops home and declare the Iraq efforts over and done, he was faced with another harsh reality which we have tried ENDLESSLY to explain to you - you SIMPLY. CAN. NOT. DO. THAT. It doesn't work that way. I'll leave it to our friends with military experience to explain to you why this is so. But trust me, it is.

As to "investigating" Bush's policies and trying to prosecute a defunct administration, that was never going to happen. I don't even believe he made any promises to that effect, either. You see, that takes years for one thing. For another thing, he actually has access to the information now, and he knows your rhetoric was mostly all bullshit and there's nothing to prosecute. Caterpillars do not equal torture no matter how you spin it. And while he was wasting his time dicking around trying to find something and prosecute the previous administration, he wouldn't have had a single moment to ram through all the pork you demanded. Which he DID. So you ought to be really, really glad he didn't waste his time on that bullshit.

Extending the Republican tax cuts for the rich is the last straw for me. I can no longer call myself a supporter of President Obama. I hope he will step aside at the end of his term and let other Democrats who actually believe in Democratic principles and policies run for president in 2012.

Slight correction - maintaining current tax rates for everyone. There, fixed it for you. Step aside for another Dem? Who in the hell else do you think is going to be able to A) win and B) get what you want done? You fool! But OK; I have no problem with him stepping aside. Bring it on; whoever you want.

And then I clicked the link to unsubscribe from the Organizing for America email list. I didn't do it lightly. I have thought of doing it before, but never actually did it.

You're gonna...un...un...unsubscribe??? Shit just got real.

Maybe it was my memory of the weekends I spent walking neighborhoods, knocking on doors, passing out literature and attempting to persuade people to vote for this man in the crucial swing state of Virginia.
Yeah I remember that to. He told you to "get in their faces", remember that? He told you to go to the barbershops and beauty shops and your neighbors and get in their faces and tell them who to vote for. And you did it. Seems a little funny now, doesn't it? Yeah, we thought so too.

I was always hoping that at some point, President Obama would surprise me by restoring the hope I had invested in him in his campaign.

Problem with that, dollface, is that "Hope and Change" were a campaign slogan. There was absolutely no meaning behind it. You can't just say "Hope! Change!" without defining your terms. See, we were real specific with our candidates about what they need to do when they're there, or at least try to do. You voted for an empty suit with an empty slogan with no definition. But I'm sorry your poor little hope was just dashed against the rocks like seafoam. Oh, wait. No, I'm not. You're a filthy hatemongering KOStard and I hate you back.

There is such a deliberate finality about taking the action of unsubscribing from the mailing list of an organization that one used to support strongly and in which one made a significant investment. Finally I did it.

ZOMG YOU DID? Cue up the violins, I think he's gonna solo! Then what happened, Eric?

I felt a sick feeling in my stomach and found tears welling up in my eyes. I don't cry easily. I certainly didn't expect that the simple act of unsubscribing from a political mailing list would have such an effect on me, but somehow it did.

Yeah, I think that's the definition of "crying easy." But hey, that's just me. I was sorely disappointed when Fred Thompson dropped out because no one else was suitable, but hey, life goes on. I didn't, like, cry over it.

I think my tears came because of a realization that suddenly hit me full force like a punch in the gut: that Barack Obama will go down in history as a tragic figure, a classic, archetypal example of a man who had so much potential to be a great, transformational leader at a time when the society in which he lived desperately needed such a leader and actually elected him to lead our country in a new direction.

Oh, please. You guys are constantly writing and rewriting and rewriting history before it even happens. You were never taught so you don't have the vaguest concept of history. If the grownups hadn't come in to save him midterm he COULD have gone down as another Carter - an utter failure who led us into some of the deepest misery seen since the Great Depression. Ever hear of the Misery Index? Gas lines? Look into it sometime. But now he won't even get that chance. If he's lucky he'll go down like another Clinton - saved two years in by the efforts of others that he took credit for and got rewarded with a second term for. That's gonna take a hell of a lot of luck, though. Because, see, you didn't count on us. You thought we'd NEVER strike back in significant numbers. You didn't know you'd awoken a sleeping giant with your constant streams of daily invective and utter, mouth-foaming hatred. But you did. The giant am awake now, and he's PISSED. We're done playing pussyfoot with you people. Oh you had it so easy with mild-mannered just don't know what's coming your way this time.

And who took the rare opportunity given to him and threw it away, becoming just another typical politician making backroom deals for less than half a loaf -- mere crumbs, in fact, and crumbs spiked with poison -- becoming an accessory to the continued decline of American civilization, shattering the hopes of millions. When he could have been so much more.

First of all, no he couldn't have. He hadn't the vaguest notion of what being president would mean and he had no experience whatsoever. The guy was in way over his head from day one. Second of all, spare me the damned melodrama - the guy did one HELL of a lot more damage than "crumbs" (poisoned ones! Oh noes!) in the last two years. He and Pelosi rammed through MASSIVE expansions of government and extreme levels of unprecedented debt. Trillions of dollars in fiat money. (By the way, something like 100 billion of that was misprinted, or mixed with properly printed and that money's tied up - it would take them 30 years to sort it by hand, but the machines they figure on something like two years. So some of that sweet sweet stimulus money won't be going to Obama's big business friends for a while.) Obamacare. HUGE expansion in governmental power and damage to the insured. The guy even tried to explain THIS to you - he tried to explain that all the massive government entitlements we have today - Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, etc. etc. etc. started out one hell of a lot smaller than they are now - it takes time for them to grow you know; but once you start them, unless you defund them immediately they never go away; they just grow. He TRIED to tell you this and you just kept pounding and pounding your drum and wouldn't listen. Remember when he said the Tea Partiers should be thanking him? YOU should be thanking him. He's done every fucking thing you wanted except the things that there is no way to do (like closing club Gitmo and releasing the rats from their tropical cages) and do you thank him? No, you ungrateful sacks of shit.

Instead what you do is scream and cry and throw a big fat tantrum like children who have to go to bed early or can't get that piece of candy RIGHT NOW. And you know why? Because ALL YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IS HATE AND SCREAM AND TEAR THINGS APART, and it's too old to keep doing Bush now, so you stoked up your hate machine again (because life's no fun without it) and threw Obama into it instead this time. Because this time there was no one else to throw in. The guy is one unlikeable, angry, Marxist, lying sonofabitch, but you know what? He didn't deserve that. Not from YOU. He really HAS done his best by YOU.

But you know what, my friend? That empty feeling in your gut? Those bitter tears that taste like sugar to me? Get used to them. Because we're angry now. And we're not playing your reindeer games anymore. For reindeer, see Sarah Palin's last television show. That's what reindeer get, you Socialist, anti-Semitic, race-baiting scumbags. They get EATEN. What's that? I hear the sound of a shotgun being cocked...oh cry, baby, cry...cry...cry. Damn, that's some tasty caribou. It's gonna take years to clean up your mess and wipe your shitty diapers up but the grownups are going to do it. Just cry it out; it's good for the lungs.

Now, for my readers I have an AWESOME bonus, as promised - with major hat tips to my good friend clambake - GET THIS MAN OVER HERE STAT!!! REALITY CHECK! I was *cheering* as much as the crowd after this one; it's better than your morning coffee, I assure you. And if you can't see it here, go HERE - MUST SEE

December 8, 2010

We "Didn't Send" the Message

This picture kind of blew me away. Yes, that's Obama's chauffeured vehicle leaving, and a homeless man begging for alms. In Chicago. Because after all, Obama did so much good in Chicago. I know he can't stop for beggars on his way to the car, but I have an old book containing representative photos from the first 40 years of Life Magazine, and this is the kind of thing that would have been in there. It's iconic that way.

Jonathan Alter of Newsweek (which recently sold for a dollar - hehe) sez:

But you could argue that the politics on this were conditioned by this election, that the American people were given a chance to speak, and whatever the polls are saying—and the polls show people feel that extending the tax cuts for the wealthy is a bad idea—they had an opportunity to send a message in November, and they didn‘t send it, Ed.

Oh, Jon. They sent the message. And they sent messengers to deliver it in person. Hard. How do you like the message so far?

December 5, 2010

Economic Jeen-Asses

Tavis Smiley (very nice looking man btw) talking to Dickhead Durbin

SMILEY: I think most Americans agree, although I've not done a scientific poll, but I think most of us would probably agree, Senator - I'm sure you do as well - that deficit reduction is a real issue. [But] The question is when the time for that conversation has come, and whether or not, given the condition of the economy, we ought to change our focus to talking about deficit reduction versus stimulating this economy.

Because the deficit has *nothing* to do with the economy. Does it?

So everybody knows now this commission has come out with their report about what ought to be done with regard to deficit reduction, so I'm asking two questions. One, your take on that report, just a top-line take on it, and your take, more expressly, on whether or not this conversation in Washington is going to shift at the wrong time.

DURBIN: This is a reality. The deficit faces us. We borrow 40 cents out of every dollar that we spend. We borrow most of it from countries like China. They have become major creditors of the United States and have more power over our economy than we want them too. So dealing with this is not only the right thing economically, it's certainly right from a moral viewpoint. We can't leave this debt to our kids and expect them to shoulder that responsibility, but the reality of the situation is if we hit the brakes now on spending and stimulus, right in the midst of a recovery economy, we could plunge this economy back into recession, with even higher unemployment.

(Sidebar: suddenly they're concerned about leaving our kids debt? That's a laugh.) Ok excuse me, a recovery economy??? When did this recovery start? Why didn't anyone tip me off to it? Oh, I forgot...they're citing the likes of Paul Krugman. IOW they don't have a fucking clue what they're talking about. BACK into recession??? Are you freaking kidding me? BACK into recession? Do these people live in jars? Higher unemployment?? Higher than WHAT? Under Bush it rose to possibly 7.6 which is bad enough (though it wasn't the norm) and under Obama - who swore it couldn't go over 8%, it's now risen pretty much to double digits. We're back in the Carter years, and they're talking about going BACK into a recession from a RECOVERING economy with double-digit unemployment??? And we've got Bernanke TheBenbernank promising to raise inflation and printing tons of fiat money (because God forbid DEFLATION! Oh NOES!) and Krugman recommending an inflation rate of an eventual 28%...and extensions of those sweet sweet unemployment benefits of 2 years total (i.e. welfare, duh) and every day I hear from people who can't get a job making more than they are already making on unemployment (and it's unfortunately all too true)...and a recession rapidly turning into a DEPRESSION...and these geniuses are recommending more of the same because it just wasn't ENOUGH the first time. Never mind that if they'd get the hell OUT of Thebenbernank plan, the stimulus, and all this other nonsense, we might HAVE jobs to get if we're willing. The country is in the hands of utter, utter fools. Who have never run an economy before. Who have NEVER shown an ability to make or keep money and who just want to punish the people who could give us employment and stop taking taxes from people who don't really pay taxes anyway. Welcome to the Cloward-Piven strategy of manufactured crises to perform massive takeovers. Greedy, power-hungry little songbirds that they are. And now even Gene Simmons wishes he could take his vote back. If only you hadn't been so fucking stupid in the first place, Gene. Lick it up. Read more: