November 10, 2010

Go BACK To Indonesia, Fuckhead

"In Indonesia, our stilted professor was replaced with a man at ease who charmed his audience by speaking the local language. Tunku Varadarajan only wishes this could have been Obama’s first major speech to the Muslim world—and that his visit weren’t so short.

It’s a colossal shame that presidential life has no magic rewind button, for if it did—and we could whirr ourselves back to June 2009—we’d have had Barack Hussein Obama skip Pharaonic old Cairo, city of the ghastly Hosni Mubarak and a tightly coiled hatred of the West, and deliver his first major speech to a Muslim nation in Indonesia.."

Oh, if only he could find a FRIENDLY audience, he would SO RULE.

"Why, oh why, did he not come here in June ’09, forgoing the sterility of the Arab world for the tolerant, syncretic Islam of Indonesia? Whoever advised him then should be shot, or fed to crocodiles"


"for it is in places like Indonesia, where Islam is worn lightly, where Islam is not a bludgeon deployed against the rest of the world, that Obama’s repeated references to Islam as a “great world religion” seem plausible."

So we're admitting it ISN'T plausible other places then?

"Indonesia, as the president also recognized, is a democracy—a democracy of Muslims, as opposed to an Islamic democracy. As such, it is not a place where he will have felt at all awkward extolling the virtues of “open markets, a free press, a justice system, an open society, and active citizens,” as he did Tuesday night. Can you imagine him calling out such things so freely in Egypt, or in any other Muslim country bar Turkey, where it is still possible—just—to identify these features?"

Would be nice if he could identify them HERE, would't it? And are we acknowledging that these thing are NOT identifiable in other Arab-Muslim countries?

"sweetly personal (Obama lived in Jakarta when he was a boy)"

But he wasn't born there!!! He's Hawaiian!

"Why oh why was his visit so short, but his visit there appears to have been as heartwarming to the locals as it was maddeningly fleeting. Judging by the gusher of words in the local Bahasa language at the end of his speech, Obama has deep personal rapport—still—with Indonesia. One wishes that he had stayed longer, and showcased Indonesia to greater effect, introducing the country and its tolerant Muslim ways to America at greater length. Islam is not of the Arab world alone. In truth, our best Muslim allies in the long run will come from places like Indonesia. Which is why Obama’s salutations to Islam—which had grated so harshly in suffocating, Sunni Cairo— sounded so congenial in Indonesia, a country whose president, Sushilo Bambang Yudhoyono, is a Muslim who doesn’t even have a Muslim name."

So I guess we'll call him Bambang from now on. Bambang...that's a cooler name than Obama, isn't it? You can almost hear the Pshew, Pshew! sounds.

"Go back to Indonesia soon, President Obama. The people there get you, and like you. What’s more, they get us, and like us. (What’s “win-win” in Bahasa?)"

Yes, and STAY there. After all, us bitter clingers don't "get" you - we just didn't GET your awesomeness, which is why the GOP swept the house, the governorships, and the state legislatures - we just didn't GET your awesomeness; we're too stupid. Go rule where you're wanted!

Well, that piece was nauseating.


Stephen T. McCarthy said...

>>...Would be nice if he could identify them HERE, would't it?

HA! That was my thought, too. I was going to jump all over that until I got to the end of the paragraph and saw that you had already jumped on it.

Yeah, USAP's Hawaiian in the same way that I'm a three-year-old, blonde-headed Hindu girl.

I still - STILL - would like to see a birth certificate.

If I wasn't already down on the Republican party, I damn sure would have turned that direction after seeing how unwilling it has been to defend the Constitution by DEMANDING that the SOB USAP produce an authentic birth certificate proving that he was even eligible to run for the presidency. In my opinion, no conservative should EVER forgive the Republican party for neglecting its duty in this regard.

We would never have had to endure the Obama presidency at all if the Republicans had done their due diligence and demanded to see USAP's (rumored) Hawaiian birth certificate prior to the election. They had not only a right to demand it, but a Constitutional DUTY to demand it.

And one can barely even fault USAP for this because it is a socialist's very nature to try to game the system, to lie and cheat in order to achieve their goals. In fact, they MUST! I can scarcely fault Obama for being a good example of a socialist. Heck, one can almost even admire the bold, brazen way he has pulled this thing off. To run for president KNOWING that you are not a Constitutionally valid candidate, and almost daring the conservatives to call you on it. Now that takes some chutzpa!

But the Republican party should NEVER, EVER be forgiven for so completely (and I believe deliberately) dropping the ball and leaving us with this socialist in the White House.

Hey, ANNIEE, thanks for your comment on the other blog bit. I read the Ann Coulter column (which I found interesting) and I will get back to you on that soon.

Thanks again!

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

DiscConnected said...

I didn't know Stephen T. dyed his hair from the original blond, nor did I know he was Hindu.

And he looks WAY older than three.

Stephen and I have debated this often-Maharaja Obama did produce the same kind of document to get his job as I did to get mine.

While I gave up on the birth certificate as an issue ages ago, the fact that our Emporer did not produce it during the October campaign season pretty much confirms to me he does not have one.

If he had one, and had he produced it, I think it would have changed the outcomes of the elections-it would have given him lots of credibility and cast enough doubt on the credibility of Republicans that I think the pendulum would have swung even further left.

But as I stated on my blog, and as Stephen has said so many times in the many years I have known him, we simply have a "Punch And Judy" government. The same force, the Council On Foreign Relations, pulls the strings of both parties.

Wake up America! It may already be too late, but let's go down swinging!


DiscConnected said...

Oh, and Annie-one more thing.

Show some respect for the POTUS.

That should be "Mister Fuckhead."

After all, we maybe be on the fast track to Marxism, but we're not barbarians!


Anniee451 said...

OH,my bad MISTER Fuckhead lol. SIR Fuckhead :D Der Fuhrer Fuckhead. "to defend the Constitution by DEMANDING that the SOB USAP produce an authentic birth certificate proving that he was even eligible to run for the presidency"

But didnt' you see? He produced the short form (the one that's ONLY supposed to be available to out of state residents) and THE PAPER HAD A BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT! See, if you can take out an ad in the paper, it's ALL legit. Like I told someone recently, I was adopted by my stepfather and I have NEVER seen a copy of the original BC; the only one available has his name on it. I'd LOVE to see my original long form AND the original announcement in the paper if there was one. Which I doubt since all notarized forms of my BC come with his name on them. Stamped and all.

No point dwelling on it since it hasn't happened and now never will, but it sure leaves some questions, doesn't it? Dreams from my FATHER indeed.

cmblake6 said...

This was superb. Anniee, you ROCK! You know what, though? I hope no physical harm comes to him until he is actually PROVEN ineligible. If he dies before that point, there will be no further investigation, and he will be "martyred". I want the fraud prove, and then a televised execution.