September 17, 2008

Hacking Palin

Not a bad movie, that. Angelina Jolie stood out from the first time I saw it, when it came out. So the internet strikes - hackers got into Palin's yahoo email, and Gawker/others started posting all sorts of private emails, including pictures of her kids. They didn't find much of interest though; just a voicemail from Bristol, which was posted online, and a couple private numbers. Duh, did you think she was going to leave a smoking gun in a yahoo account? I wouldn't. I don't know, apparently the "feds are investigating" but does it really make much sense? Could the feds know more about hacking than, well, actual hackers? I can't blame Gawker for posting stuff (though it was shitty, especially when there was nothing there to use against her) but that doesn't mean they were behind it. They did point the finger at 4-chan, though, which is interesting. If they're not connected, anonymous might not like it. I wouldn't point at them any more than I'd leave a smoking gun on yahoo. Just some thoughts.


vesta44 said...

I'm surprised they didn't try hacking her governor's email account. I'll bet they'd have found a lot of smoking guns there, because she's just arrogant enough to think she can lie her way out of anything, like she's doing now (along with McCain).

Doc Holliday said...

This could be interesting.

What last month would have been a hacking case of little interest, is now a threat on a Vice-Presidential nominee.

The Secret Service will be on this like stink on shit.

They will track this to Obama proxies or 4-chan.

Somebody could well be getting time for this stunt.

AnnieMcPhee said...

You may be right, doc. Will be very interesting to see who gets sent up for it. Funny how this doesn't get much coverage - I guess Watergate-style break-ins are SO 70s, and besides, they had it a'comin', right? ;)

What is it you think they're lying about vesta? I figure people are definitely trying to hack all her accounts; so far the best they could do was yahoo. Poor McCain; no one wants his emails. I wonder if he knew how much in the background he would be once he picked such an interesting person as his VP.

Doc Holliday said...

Vesta what exactly is your deal? Any official governmental email has to be preserved (by law) and can be subpoenaed.

If Palin used her Government email for private correspondence, people would be screaming about "misuse of goovernment property" ( as opposed to BJ Clinton getting a hummer while talking to generals)

Her Yahoo mail has apparently had such incriminating email as a friend saying "good luck, I'll pray for you", and a picture of her daughter crossing her eyes. Wow, pretty scandalous stuff.

IMHO, it makes Obama and his slimy supporters look as low as I believed them to be.

Now WHAT, exactly do you figure Palin is "lying" about?

I don't give a rip whether you like her or not, but don't do what all the other liberals do, and just spread slime.

You got a gripe? SAY what it is.

The only identifiable complaint I've seen from any woman is that she's pro-life. Well GROW UP! Better than 50% of the FEMALE population is less than supportive of abortion on demand.

Are they all your enemy?