September 4, 2008

Strong Views. No Bullshit. No Tippy Toes.

I know it's hard to read my byline, but it says "Strong Views. No Bullshit. No Tippy Toes". I need *someplace* to put my strong views that have nothing to do with fat, I figure. Not the least of which because some people on the fat liberation feed might not prefer to read about my views on the election or on the media.
I didn't have any strong views on this election once the candidates were basically locked in. I do now. Well...unless you count wishing like hell the election would DIE and never rear its head again as a strong view. 'Cause that's what I wanted; I refused to let people speak about it in front of me. "I don't want to know; don't even tell me when it's over."
And of course there are tons of other political things to talk about over the course of time.
I don't care about the charge of partisanship - it has no sting for me. I don't belong to any party or support any party. That doesn't mean I don't have very strong core beliefs, and when someone in this or that party really exemplifies at least a significant subset of those, I might support that person. But while it gets emotional, I assure you that it's all based on logical, reasonable, definable core theses and experience; emotion and party are never at the root of political decisions or beliefs for me. However, they can be a nice plus, like they are right now.
Look forward to writing more in here, but that's the intro. Only for hardcore political junkies who can take it if they want to dish it. If it's bound to make you spitting mad...well I dunno, I guess you're an adult. Read it if you want.


Kat@Zero said...

Annie, I really look forward to reading what you have to say here.

AnnieMcPhee said...

Dahlin, I hope I have a lot more to say. God bless you and please pray for me.

Kat@Zero said...

You know I will.

AnnieMcPhee said...

Wanna know a little secret? I'm generally gender and color-blind. But I can't help feeling a thrill that this cool-ass woman is...a woman! A woman I can relate to except that she's so much cooler than me that the comparison is meaningless. I have a big girl-crush on her lol.

AnnieMcPhee said...

By the that YOU in the picture, you gorgeous thing?

You'd look great fat, thin, or with your head shaved lol. Such a face. I do hope you can hook me up with the picture of Ann Margaret that you had on your old blog; I can't find it (boo hoo.) What a beauty she was too. Why aren't you a movie star exactly? Too kind maybe?

I wanted to post some things about "Things I've Learned From The Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood" (the book, not the movie.) But I lent it out. Will get back to that one later. :)

Ripley said...

Is this blog not about fat?

Can I talk about politics and not about being fat?

Are we gonna string somebody up? Are we, huh? Are we?

I'll make cookies, and get a rope!


Kat@Zero said...

LOL Annie. I have a girl crush on her too!

Yes, that's me almost exactly 22 years ago. Always felt ugly and stupid and I'm sure that one hour before that photo was taken...I wanted to die...and one hour after it was taken...I wanted to die.

Pretty and thin don't equal happy. That is what drives me absolutely crazy about our society. We get sold a load of crap that if we lost some weight and did whatever it took to get pretty, we'd be happy. Makes me crazy.

Now I'm a pregnant looking 48 year old basketball head with a massive turkey waddle and I'm generally happier than I've ever been. I've decided that I'll probably always struggle with mental illness(depression), but at least I no longer want to die 90% of the time.

I'll try to get you that photo:)

Kat@Zero said...


Not sure if I already did this. My DD said something to me and that's all it takes. Don't remember what I was doing 5 seconds ago.

If I'm repeating myself forgive me. I sent you an email. Let me know if it didn't come through and I can leave you my email here in comments.

Oh, and sorry to go off on a mini beauty/fat rant here on your political blog:0

Danila said...

Really looking forward to this blog. I'm not a blogger myself but I definitely have a girl-crush on this awesome candidate. Like you, I didn't want to hear anything about the election and really felt disconnected from the whole process. I found the whole thing beyond unexciting, it was actually a really big turnoff. It was the same old thing, aggressively so.

And then this happens! Would love a place to talk with other ladies about this lady.

Abigail Nussey said...

I've got a girl-crush on Sarah Palin, can't deny it! I even got in a fight with my Dad of all people over Sarah. Heh. :P

Can't wait to read more of this blog.

AnnieMcPhee said...

Thanks for coming by abigail :) I hope to see you around regularly as well.