December 8, 2010

We "Didn't Send" the Message

This picture kind of blew me away. Yes, that's Obama's chauffeured vehicle leaving, and a homeless man begging for alms. In Chicago. Because after all, Obama did so much good in Chicago. I know he can't stop for beggars on his way to the car, but I have an old book containing representative photos from the first 40 years of Life Magazine, and this is the kind of thing that would have been in there. It's iconic that way.

Jonathan Alter of Newsweek (which recently sold for a dollar - hehe) sez:

But you could argue that the politics on this were conditioned by this election, that the American people were given a chance to speak, and whatever the polls are saying—and the polls show people feel that extending the tax cuts for the wealthy is a bad idea—they had an opportunity to send a message in November, and they didn‘t send it, Ed.

Oh, Jon. They sent the message. And they sent messengers to deliver it in person. Hard. How do you like the message so far?


DiscConnected said...

The man begging for alms is not Kenyan. That's why the car did not stop.

Anniee451 said...

Well played, disc ;)

Anniee451 said...

Well shit; I never recognized what your picture was before; I only noticed the colors. Wow am I feeling dumb today.

Larry said...

60+ seat gain in the House and the message was not sent? More like the message was not received by the terminally clue-fucked.

Anniee451 said...

Larry wins 2 internetz!!! Bingo!