December 11, 2010

Pure Hilarity - MUST See

If it's cut off, view it HERE

I wish I could give it away to entice you to watch, but if I do, most of the buildup is lost. I was literally cheering as it went on, and if you have watched SNL or politics for the past 36 years as I have, you will be too.) It just keeps getting better and better and better. HOW did they get this CAST???? Holy shit! Let's just say you're about to see the most amazing sketch that SNL would never have the balls to do anymore. Oh, I don't care about the message (or the fact that SirObin bravely ran away from his own press conference rather than actually, you know, get to WORK or anything, highlighting the most shameful moment in presidential history in my lifetime. And I watched Nixon resign and the Clinton impeachment, so what does that tell you?) but trust me - watch and be taken back...back...back...and laugh your ass off!


Stephen T. McCarthy said...

My favorite moment . . .

When Bush Sr. says:
"Sometimes we gotta do the right thing."


Yeah. Unfortunately, "sometimes" doesn't happen often enough.

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

DiscConnected said...

Pretty funny-it was a coup getting that cast!

Anniee451 said...

As they went further and further back and it was ALL the ex-presidents going back to season ONE with Ford/Chevy Chase? Holy crap! Getting Jim Carrey to play Reagan was perfect, too - he is a great impressionist when he's not doing his over-the-top acting thing. And the way the whole room went dark and the cheers and balloons? LMAO! When Carter shows up (Dan Aykroyd!) and Bush (Ferrell) is like "Oh great, Mr. Let's get the party started"? Haha! Because Carter was no fun! Hehe.

I'm telling you, I do not know how they got that cast, but no matter what they were supporting, it was a beautiful thing to watch - going back through all those years...oh yeah. I have watched it like 5 times just because it's so much fun. Only thing they got wrong was Obama - when faced with pressure he bravely runs away, he doesn't get to work LOL. But hey, history will vindicate us on that one.