March 31, 2011

Alphabet Challenge

Ok so tomorrow I start the alphabet challenge. You think I can't come up with shit? Hah! You betcher ass I can. I can think of ten things just for A. Wait'll we get to M LOL. The alphabet challenge is something a friend came up with...ok a friend of a friend. You start on April FOOL'S day, April 1, and you blog every day (discounting Sundays - apparently somebody's a better Christian than me; usually on Sunday I'm hungover so works for me) and by the end of the month you've worked your way through the alphabet. If I drop out of sight in the meantime it means I'm homeless BUT NOT DEAD; apparently until our time comes we're immortal. (Which makes suicide a joke - how can you kill yourself unless its your time?) At any rate since we're prolly gonna get more traffic I prolly have to come up with something uplifting...ah who am I kidding? I gotta be me! And me is dark. So we'll go with the dark alphabet shall we?

Umm I just looked at see, here on the East Coast we can't see sunsets on the water; did see a magnificent sunrise over the Niagara Falls once tho. I the only person who loathes SUN? Even the word, SUN makes me ill. The sun has poisoned me more than once - sun poisoning isn't pretty; you peel and peel over and over. It burns your eyes. I like second shift - no sun. And when you google sunsets you come up with eight bazillion pictures featuring PALM TREES. FUCK palm trees. Big ugly trunks with a little puff on top. Screw that. I like Mimosas and maples. Mimosas, when they're done right, you can climb and they got these pretty little leaves and gorgeous blooms in the spring. In fact, FUCK spring without Mimosas. It's useless without those pretty pink blooms. Oh sure you can have your cherry trees that you gotta RENT something to pick because they're so high. All pretty blooms and then impossible fruit. WITH seeds. BIG seeds. No, Mimosas are much more delicate. I sense a picture coming. There it is:


Mary Vaughn said...

Well, aren't you on a dark roll this morning? Your dark alphabet sounds intriguing.


Anniee451 said...

I'm ALWAYS on a dark roll. Dark's all I got, baby. You got somethin' better? (Seriously, I'm all ears and I'm not being sarcastic.)

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

>> . . . Mimosas

Hmmm... a tree? I was thinking a Mimosa was a drink.
OK, what did I have in mind? There’s some kind of drink that involves Champagne and something else (orange juice?) that’s called a Mimosa or sumpin’ similar to that.

But, of course, being the macho “real man” that I am
-[Cough!-Cough!]- I wouldn’t know much about a sissy drink like THAT!

By the way, despite my Southern California background, I agree with you about Palm Trees, Anniee. They definitely conjure up some good memories, and it’s what they stand for or symbolize for me that counts. But they ain’t much to look at.

Weeping Willow – now THERE’S a tree!

I’ll be following your progress in the A TO Z BLOGGING CHALLENGE, Anniee, and I will undoubtedly submit a few comments along the way. Have fun with it!

A lot of participants will be discovering your blog for the first time. Last year, my blog “Following” increased by about 3 or 4 times the amount as a result of doing the A TO Z CHALLENGE, and I didn’t even finish it. However, a “Follower” is not the same thing as a “Reader”, and I would have preferred to have increased my readership.

Anyway… enjoy it, friend.

~ D-FensDogg
‘Loyal American Underground’