March 23, 2011

Once, Twice, Three Times the Punishment...

Ok so this doesn't make any sense to me. Well it makes SOME sense but I hate it, try that.

You see, this man has four wives. And umpteen kids (no, I'm not looking it up, YOU look it up.) HOW? WHY? FOR WHAT? Look, it's one thing to be a playa and have 4 girls you're screwing, right? This isn't that. This is four WIVES. With all their non-birth-controlled kids. All in the same house. This is "Sister Wives" - a positive portrayal of a polygamous family, with ONE man and four wives and endless kids. In fact, after meeting one of his sister wives, her MOTHER ended up becoming part of the family by marrying his father...or maybe his mother. Never mind that he already HAD a wife. SHE, quite naturally, was jealous at first, but he just LOVED it, didn't he? Is it really worth it? To have four holes to bury your sword in? SERIOUSLY?

No, I don't get it. I actually cried to my husband, asking him if he would want another fucking WIFE - isn't one bad enough??? The responsibility, the care, the heartache...the shit we ALL go could you possibly share that equally with FOUR OTHER PEOPLE? You can't. Fuck this guy. Fuck sister wives. I don't care how much they love each other as gals, it ain't natural. One might argue that monogamy isn't natural either - FUCK YOU! YES IT IS. Yes we can! I only want one man and I sure as FUCK don't want that man running off to share his bed with another woman who he allegedly loves equally to me; other women, BACK OFF! YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM. He loves ME. ME ME ME ME ME. Call it what you want you stupid polygamous fucks; you're SICK.


Guy S said...

We (my wife and I) have a very bright and talented friend who is currently away at college, but soon to head off to post grad school... working toward her doctorate in divinity. This especially gifted and talented young lady wrote a song called (if memory serves) "Sister-Wives". It addresses exactly what you have mentioned. Your post brought it back to the front of a cluttered mind. If we can ever persuade her to do so, we will get the darn thing on youtube. Will keep you and or Blake informed.

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Hey, don't hold your emotion in check like that. Don't mince words.

If you have something to say,
Say it boldly and let the chips
Fall where they may.

According to Mark Twain, the strongest anti-polygamy verse in The Bible is:
"No man can serve two masters."

Now then, Anniee, what are YOUR undiluted thoughts on this matter? I'm trying to get a handle on where you're comin' from on this. I can't stand it when you leave me guessing.

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

cmblake6 said...

I don't think my brain could handle that.

Anniee451 said...

NO I couldn't handle it, clambake. How the fuck this guy has four wives is beyond me. One is bad enough but that ain't even the point. The POINT is YOU LOVE ME! Period. No more WIVES, you fuck. NO MORE WIVES. Oh alll this sisterhood and so forth; FUCK THEM. NO FUCKING WAY.

phthaloblu said...

It goes deeper than just having all those kids. Just how the hell does he support all those wives and families? Think about it. Lots of us out here in the real monogamous world are having trouble keeping our heads above water and we live frugally. Guess what happens when these assholes die in the midst of some viagra induced orgasm? That's right, WELFARE!!! These women have no skills to take care of themselves. Polygamy is such horseshit. All it is is control over women. And you can bet your sweet ass that his pure wives are enough of a thrill int he sack for him and he's probably a regular at the local strip club, too. Imagine all those women on the rag at the same time. O.o It's a fact that women that work together closely end up synching their periods. No, it's not natural.

Anniee451 said...

OMG PThalo!!! Hugs hon.

Yeah, it's sick isn't it? Oh fu*** all the other reasons; frankly I just don't want my husband screwing someone else! HE DOESN"T LOVE YOU!!! He loves ME!! Me me me me me.

phthaloblu said...

Right? Such a LOAD of crap. And all that simpering and how they all LOVE each other. Oh, please. Touch my man and I will hand you your head. No jealousy is such a lie. Some little fantasy world they got going there. Bunch of pedophiles marrying little girls.

cmblake6 said...

I guess it's in your operating system. And the o.s. of your females, their training in that culture of polygamy. Now, I remember, back in the day, when I had a certain situation going on. Each knew of the others, and each wanted me only unto themselves. But these were not women of that polygamous system. I suppose that it might work if you're trained to believe in it. :shrug:

Anniee451 said...

Ok drunk-idiot posts removed; sorry, momentary lapse there. Or hours long lapse, whatever.

GuyS I'd be very interested in hearing it or even reading the lyrics if you'd care to post them; thanks!

"I can't stand it when you leave me guessing.

Heh, I get loudmouthed when I'm all emotional and stuff.

"Right? Such a LOAD of crap. And all that simpering and how they all LOVE each other. Oh, please. Touch my man and I will hand you your head. No jealousy is such a lie. Some little fantasy world they got going there."

Yes, exactly! I've had to do a little policing here and there - you know those girls who don't want a guy...UNTIL he starts going with YOU and then suddenly they want him again? To keep on a string, on the back burner, for them to have as a spare or something? Well my husband had one of those; didn't want a thing to do with him until she noticed he was getting serious with me; all of a sudden she crawled out of her hole and started sashaying around him, flirting and calling and getting all sentimental, etc. etc. You know the type. Had to drive that one off with a stick, practically. Gah; well whatever - she's divorced and I'm not - surprise surprise. We had a girl living with us who had nowhere to go once and my *husband's* mother told me to get rid of her right soon; she said feelings can happen and I'd just better let her go fend for herself. She was so right; I never knew how very badly she wanted him until much later, and had made moves already. In MY house. Bitch. If she'da still been around I would have handed her her head; fortunately he had already started acting pretty hostile towards her (I didn't know why at the time) and she booked.

By the way, about the jealousy thing - I saw an ad for the upcoming new episode (TV is a filthy habit obviously; can't escape shows you hate even if you don't watch them because they advertise them) but a very interesting exchange was shown in the teaser, which certainly seemed to involve the old green-eyed monster. One of these four wives wasn't living in-house with the rest and she finally moves in; the husband's happy as a clam (less moving to get extra snatch I suppose - he framed it as how nicely the "children" were meshing) but one of the oldest wives got pretty snotty about it, saying she didn't want to hear about how well ROBIN'S children were fitting in...they then showed Robin fighting tears. Now I have to watch that episode, the bastards. I want to see evidence there are normal people under there.

Anniee451 said...

Clammy, look, I allowed for that in my post - unmarried people, you know; shit happens and you were honest. But notice the difference - THEY all wanted you for themselves. THAT is normal. This other thing isn't. I'm not advocating for prosecuting these people, you understand, nor am I advocating laws against polygamy (so long as minors aren't involved, nor forced marriage...of course there is the huge problem of the "Lost Boys" - throwing young boys out of the colony completely on their own in the world they're not ready for so there would be more women for the older men - whole other issue)- this isn't about laws; it's about being human. From a man's standpoint I could see wanting 3 or so girlfriends...wives I can't understand but whatever; they can. I don't know how the hell they support them all, but if they do, fine. But from a woman's standpoint, how could any of them bear sharing their husband like that? I guess it's like you say, being raised into it; but it's ugly. And frankly if he REALLY loved any of them like a true wife, I don't see how even the man can take it. Like Stephen said, no man can serve two masters. Of course, the women serve the men in this case, but still...a husband is also a servant (it's reciprocal.) When his latest wife's mom inserted herself into his father's marriage (he had long been married to only one woman) the wife - his mother- was quite upset. Until she grew to "love" this "sister wife" - heh, yeah, until she noticed that it was gonna happen no matter HOW she felt about it, more like. Well I'd go down fighting; forget it. That is some asshole religion, that. Golden plates my ass.

Anniee451 said...

BTW looks like I somehow caught 4 new followers when I wasn't looking! How did THAT happen? I don't even hardly post anything worth reading.

I'll have to come up with some good stuff for the Alphabet April challenge - April 1 until the end you post every day except Sunday and work your way through the any way you may interpret that. There's a link in the sidebar for anyone who cares to give it a try; and neat thing, there are like 500 people already signed up so you'll get some new blood checking you out (doesn't mean they'll like you, but I liked the guy I signed up with so who knows?) Note to self - post at least a couple uplifting posts if at all possible. Not that that's easy when times are tough.

Anniee451 said...

I just I a trainwreck? Is THAT why I get new followers? I don't WANT to be a trainwreck...but then again, it worked for ViolentAcres. She got so many followers (who hated her AND who loved her) that she became a commodity worth money. Someone bought it. Now it hasn't been updated for a long time. But what's there is still juicy. Meh, I have never been into the whole "get more followers" thing. Not even when I ran a board on my own domain. Long story; tell later. Well hugs all around then, and another round, bartender!

Larry said...

Man would have to be the biggest idiot in the world to want to have to support FOUR wives, not to mention if they ever become exes.