May 21, 2009

Kneecapping Barry

Holy crap, did anyone hear any of Cheney's speech today duelling with Barry's long-winded shit about closing Guantanamo (when just yesterday they said they knew it had been a hasty pronouncement)?

Because I'm impressed. Dick is just out there positively KNEECAPPING Obama, HAMSTRINGING the guy, and it's a beautiful, beautiful thing to see. Even seeing how mad he gets and how defensive, making further hasty pronouncements to cover it all with bluster (We're closing it and that's that! HarUMPH! Neiner neiner!) is beautiful. Cheney, I don't know why you saved up all your defense for NOW but I'm not sorry you did. Talk about giving the left the rope to hang themselves with - you gave them 7 YEARS worth of rope and they're hanging out to dry now. Lovin' it in New Jersey, Cheney!

Also, did anyone notice they passed that ridiculous credit card rights bill but slipped in the thing about being able to carry guns in national parks? I thought that was pretty cool and clever, but the Brady Bunch is up in arms (er...non-arms?) about it, saying families shouldn't have to face down an AK-47 when they're on a nature hike. Because that is something that happens. Law-abiding gun owners hold families at gunpoint on their nature hikes every day. And families without guns end up dead because of that. Tsk tsk.


Hammer said...

I've always liked Cheney ever since I first heard him speak on the issues.

Sic em Dick!

phthaloblu said...

I want the Brady Bunch (that's great!) to tell that to the family of the poor girl that was kidnapped and then murdered in the Pisgah Forest last year while walking her dog. The guy that killed her did the same thing to a woman in another park in Florida. I don't go in the woods unless I'm packing. There are too many freaks out there, and I'm a psycho magnet.

AnnieMcPhee said...

I like him too, Hammer. :)

I can't take credit for the Brady Bunch - I kited it off Nicki F. who may or may not have made it up hehe.

I don't blame you a bit - besides, what the hell are you supposed to do if a bear comes out at you? Meet it with a frying fucking pan? No, you need the damn heat.

AnnieMcPhee said...

By the way, Hammer, Liz Cheney is doing a HELL of a job demolishing leftard reporters on this whole "torture" issue; it is not, and she's sticking to her guns and not taking their BS or letting them set the terms of the debate. I'm quite impressed with the both of them. Kickin' ass in the morning and taking names in the evening.

"LIZ: Let me go through all of the inaccuracies in what you've just said. First of all the question of whether or not enhanced interrogation is "torture" has been answered and it's been answered legally and it's not that Cheney or President Bush or anybody else "believed" it to be torture. The justice department of the United States --

O'DONNELL: (interrupting)

LIZ: Lawrence, I let you go.

O'DONNELL: Are you afraid of waterboarding, Liz?

LIZ: No. Waterboarding is not torture.

O'DONNELL: (pompous laugh)

LIZ: You know what, though? I would refer you to Attorney General Holder's testimony --

O'DONNELL: Why has this country prosecuted people for waterboarding?

LIZ: Lawrence?

O'DONNELL: Why did we do that?

LIZ: Because they did a number of other things in addition to waterboarding. Attorney General Holder had a hard time explaining exactly what the legal definition is of waterboarding that would make it torture. We've done it to our own people. Secondly, your argument about why didn't we do it to 500 other people proves our point. It was used in three cases when we had terrorists who had information about potential attacks on the United States of America. So the notion that somehow, you know, we should have waterboarded everybody? I'm surprised that that's a position you've taken."

Haha! Keep it up Lizzie!