May 7, 2009

The Myth of Media "Objectivity" Exposed

In other news, a graphic representation of the 100 million dollar "cut" Obama has promised to take out of his monstrous, 3.6 trillion dollar, double-your-debt-with-the-flourish-of-a-pen "budget." This is what's known as "perspective."

Remember when he said he was gonna go over the budget line by line with a scalpel? I think the scalpel is just to make sure that he can make the tiniest possible cuts out of this outlandish spending. The former yowling Obamaniacs at work have sure been quiet lately. I can't imagine why they might be embarassed, can you? He didn't tell us he was going to do this crazy spending. Not until after the inauguration. He kept it all under wraps, opposing bailouts and saying not to worry, he was gonna fix it. He's fixing us, all right.

And if I hear him say one more time that "WE" are all just gonna have to tighten our belts, I'll blow a gasket. Washington isn't tightening its belts - it's unleashing an F6 tornado of wasteful spending, taken from people like you and me. HE isn't tightening his belt (well, he did leave a shitty tip at the burger joint, maybe that's what he meant.) No, his belt is nice and loose - crank that heat up, crackers - I want it hot enough in here to grow orchids (while us peons are expected to keep the heat down to 68.) He's having pizza flown in and eating Wagyu beef and Michelle's prancing around (or lumbering) in $550 sneakers while turning over a token spadeful of ground for the garden. Their belts are doing just fine. The only people who have to tighten their belts are those who have to pay for all this - you, and me. So no more of this "we" shit, Obama - it doesn't wash. I have to say, the look on Biden's face when Obi asked for the poupon for his cheeseburger (the regular cheeseburger, medium well with cheddar, and no ketchup, just spicy dijon) was really funny. Old Plugs is the funniest thing in this administration. Even he was looking between Obi and the cashier, like "What the hell am I listening to? This guy for real or what? Are you hearing this shit?" So that was good. I mean I don't give a shit what the guy eats, but it could only have been better if he asked for arugula instead of lettuce on his "regular" cheeseburger.

For humor's sake I'll post the video - never mind Obi, watch Plugs LOL


phthaloblu said...

hope. change. fuck me with the president's scalpel. At least Biden provides for some comic relief, but even that's gonna get old in the next three years.

Hammer said...

Did I see a teleprompter next to him when he ordered that burger?

AnnieMcPhee said...

No, but the first time I was watching him, and it's honestly as though he were *looking* for one, he seems so lost like a fish out of water without it. If you're at that stage just ordering a fricking burger, it's time for rehab, man. Is he this uncomfortable in his own skin because he's under the spotlight or because he knows he is not so universally adored as he would wish to be, or some other reason?

Because the TV reporters were doing this segment on, I shit you not, "SWAGGA" and how much SWAGGA there is (they capitalized it) in the White House now, where there wasn't with Bush or Clinton. As though this guy isn't stiffer than Al Gore could ever have hoped to be. If he had been any less "Don No-Soul Simmons" he might not have won the primaries. Sit back and listen to the non-threatening sounds...

They really were racist, for assuming that the mere fact of being mixed race means one has some kind of "SWAGGA" characteristics. And they didn't even make it funny like Don No-Soul Simmons; they were serious. Jeesh.

AnnieMcPhee said...

Didn't they see him dance with Ellen? Guy's a dork, not a player.