July 10, 2009

Dickless Republicans and Palin

A thing of beauty. Hat tip to Eric Dondero.

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Travis Lee said...

Hell, YEAH!

I've seen so many conservative folk just throw up their hands and opine that resigning makes Sarah Palin unelectable, or maybe, just MAYBE she can run in 2016, or 2020.... Like they just want to lay down and piss themselves and not even bother to run any Republican against The great ZERO in 2012....

If we don't make major headway in taking back congress next year, and scare the shit out of Democrats who are there now, we will have 20 years to try to undo the damage the Democrats will do to this country by 2012.

I have asked this wussy conservatives who they feel is a strong early contender for the presidency now.... as yet none has dared to say a name and make his case.

The Liberals, the media, and the RINO-GOP hates Sarah Palin, and wants her destroyed.... and if she is not the person we need, who is?