July 10, 2009

Sasha and Malia Fair Game - It's Official

Wonkette herself says so! Because you and I know the secret - that while it is a cheap political ploy to bring Trig and her other children onstage during the RNC, it is ALSO a cheap political ploy when you bring Sasha and Malia up on stage, especially when you make them do a whole act to go along with their appearance (even Palin didn't stoop that low, did she?) (Video at link.) At least the Palin kids only waved.

So now that Palin has expressed disdain for the crude photoshoppers of Baby Trig, and Wonkette feels that deserves only the strongest and most visceral of sneering, we are now free to do something that should have been done a long time ago - start shopping the first kids and making the world better through laughter and character assassination, involving even the children. Let's post a few of the Trig Palin photoshops to get our appetites whetted and then we can see what we're going to start with in our Sashalia shops to keep the party going! We have the stormtrooper above, that Wonkette was so taken with, then we have these two from SA (these are a bit ballsy for the latter-day Kyanka - I thought he stuck only to the safe stuff like parodying famous writers and stupid pet stories these days. Guess Palin's safe to go after anytime!)

Being the person that I am, I'm not disgusted at these pictures so much as glad the ruse is over and rarin' to get even. Now. For the Obama girls. I'll post any funny photoshops any of you can cobble together for me - they don't have to be nasty, but what I want for the first one is this specifically - one of the girl's faces shopped on a pole dancer's, and the other on a person holding a huge bag of drugs with a big price sticker on it, with the title: The Obama Girls Prepare for Success in Their Dad's Future Economy. Or leave the title; I can title it; just shop the picture for me. It's a hell of a lot funnier than what they did with Trig, and smarter. Whatever you can think of, make it and I'll post it - I won't put your name to it if you don't want, won't blow your "nice" cover and you can still be above it all (though I won't pretend to be), and you can submit it anonymously. Because I'm just not afraid of this shit. And why should I be? Even the left says it's ok, and they know all about tolerance and being "nice." Send all submissions to blackmarketlemonade@gmail.com and keep 'em coming!

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