May 25, 2011

Hat Tip to Clammy

Obama makes royal gaffes. A national embarrassment.

"While such matters of etiquette may be somewhat unfamiliar to Americans, one would think the President of the United States would have staff on hand to advise him of such things. Or maybe a special teleprompter."

Link here.

Now it brings to mind the time Bush made a so-called gaffe when the queen visited here, but in fact he was chiding her on her age, and the fact was if you watched it it was VERY clear that the queen thought it was funny, and it wasn't a gaffe at all but very much on purpose. She would have had to be in on it, and the lady does very much have a sense of humor. Plus she LIKED the Bushes and Reagans and was friends with them. These trashy people, not so much. It's pretty clear she won't be visiting us anytime soon, so long as such bozos are in charge. Now why he practically hit the floor for the Saudi king when he bowed (which, no, Americans are not supposed to do) and embarrassed the leader of China doing the same still isn't clear. But this guy is a gaffe-machine like his vice president is...oddly, I doubt the left will be screaming about this one (hell, it didn't bother them that he insulted England by returning the Churchhill bust and handing the queen an iPod with his speeches on it...or gave the other guy a set of WalMart DVDs he couldn't watch in Europe) even though they were in high dudgeon when Bush supposedly insulted the queen, which he DIDN'T DO. This guy's a real chump. And extremely arrogant besides.

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