May 12, 2011

Wow - Zappa on Crossfire

Damn; I knew he was smart but I really didn't know he was *this* informed and intelligent. Look how every time they try to trip him up he knows EXACTLY where they're going, WHAT they're referring to, and has the rebuttal already? Like the bit about the alleged "school for the mentally disturbed" and he had all his ammo ready; or even knowing about "Hot for Teacher" when they didn't know what they were referring to. Love when he flips it and starts mocking them. Also I had no idea he was conservative. Hehe; great stuff. This Tom Braden guy is pretty good too.

I LOVE his first answer on this one. I HATE when they start laughing at him without bothering to answer - why SHOULDN'T that be on television? This was what Lenny Bruce was trying to do; to get across the point that if someone SAYS the words, it isn't HURTING anyone and probably does more to help than hinder (along the same lines as not having so many alcohol problems, or at least as many kids dying to use the stuff, in places where it's just no big deal and they get wine with dinner from the beginning.) Hell, that's what Cartman said in the South Park Movie when confronted about his filthy mouth - "WHAT DID YOU SAY?" "So what?" he asks, "It doesn't HURT anybody. Fuck fuckety fuck." But at any rate it's not the government's job by ANY means to control that, and it's not the music industry's responsibility in any sense, and it's not the job of television writers to safeguard some particular version of It's just weird I hooked up to this stuff watching some Bruce videos and then of course you get Carlin (now I find him an odious prick, but I wouldn't presume to censor him via law; I just wouldn't buy it or have it in the house) and then I get all this good stuff that, no matter where you stand on the issue, you have to admit makes you really think.

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