May 14, 2011

Real Patient-Dumping

This is heartbreaking. I'm damn lucky this isn't how we operate in the US or I might be dead right now twice over at the least. Including just yesterday ffs! (Not that they didn't try, mind you - they love to discharge people without really finding out what's wrong; only here you can have something to say about it, and if you're lucky, others, like paramedics, will take up for you.)

Via The newspaper Asr-e Iran reported that passersby spotted two patients in a field outside of Tehran. The two patients were hospitalized in the state funded Khomeini Hospital. Despite being public and allegedly free, they were loaded in an ambulance and dropped in a field for not having the money to pay the bills.

Isn't that just lovely? Stay tuned for Michael Moore's documentary about the superiority of Iran's health care system to ours. After all, it's free.

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