June 8, 2011

The BEST Thing You'll Read All Week!

Or month!

Ann Coulter has apparently temporarily relinquished her title to "Most Dangerous Psychopath in the World" and become more popular with the media, who even go so far as to call her SMART! (We've been hearing what an idiot she is for over a decade, but now she's smart, people! Ask the press!)

But Ann doesn't suck up to her hypocritical friends (I'm no longer thinking of it as hypocrisy but as abject dread and terror) - she keeps sticking it to them and sticking it to them. Which is good practice for when they start lobbing bombs (and pies) at her again.

HERE'S the interview:

PIERS MORGAN, HOST: Where is the similar mob to Mussolini’s and Hitler’s in the modern democratic era?

ANN COULTER: Well, I would say that there are a lot of similarities. The French Revolution.

MORGAN: Tea Party?

COULTER: No. No, no, no.

MORGAN: Nearest thing to it?

COULTER: No, they're much closer to the original Tea Party, which, and actually not as, not as much of a rabble as the original Tea Party, which as I point out, the Founding Fathers weren't wild about the original Tea Party curiously enough because they were so against mobs.

MORGAN: Are you wild about them?

COULTER: About who?

MORGAN: The Tea Party.


COULTER: Oh yeah, I love them.

MORGAN: See I don’t really get that. COULTER: I speak to them.

MORGAN: I don’t get that because you’re a smart cookie.

COULTER: So are the Tea Partiers!

MORGAN: What do people think about you? You're intelligent. You live a provocative life.

COULTER: I believe you're insulting the Tea Partiers.

MORGAN: Well, they're not among the brightest of spellers (?), are they?

COULTER: They're smarter than any liberal.

MORGAN: Do you think so?


MORGAN: You really think that?

COULTER: Yes, I do.

MORGAN: In your heart?

COULTER: I meet them and speak to them and they get my jokes which already makes them smarter than the average liberal.

MORGAN: Is that why you think they’re so smart?

COULTER: It makes them smarter than the average liberal. I'm always having to explain, map out how the joke works here.

MORGAN: The way you talk as your publisher does here, “Liberals use mobs to seize power and impose their theories on the populace for the good of humanity.” I think Sarah Palin would have written that, who whether you like it or not is irrelevant, is a brilliant rouser of the populous, like nothing else in politics right now. After Obama himself and his last election, she is doing an incredible job marshaling her base. But she also comes out with some pretty inflammatory stuff and that surely arouses a mob mentality. You wouldn't dispute that.

Oh, wouldn't she???

COULTER: I don't think she's inflammatory. I think she's a great speaker. What do you think she said that is inflammatory? MORGAN: Putting crosshairs on people's heads.

COULTER: Oh, come on. I talk about that in the book, too.

MORGAN: Is that inflammatory?

COULTER: That was invented by Democratic strategist Bob Beckel as he admitted on TV.

MORGAN: And once again, you go back to the Democrats. I'm asking you about Sarah Palin.

COULTER: I go back - where is the camera? I'm going back to the book because I talk about -- let me answer this one. It is a beautiful example of something in the question.

MORGAN: Your default process throughout this so far is fascinating. Every single time I ask you a question, rather than answer about Sarah Palin and crosshairs, you instinctively go, “What about Democrats?"

COULTER: Piers, darling, if I were selling you a book, if I were talking about a book that I had just written about dogs, and you ask me, “What comforts old people,” I would say, “Why, Piers, dogs do. In fact, I talk about it in my book.” My book is called "How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America," and I talk about the crosshairs issue, and if I could answer the question on the crosshairs issue.

MORGAN: You may.

COULTER: It is a perfect example of totally contradictory thinking by the Left in America, an example of the mob where they go around hysterical at Sarah Palin putting these crosshairs on Congressional districts. It was done by the Democratic National Committee. It was invented by a liberal. It’s a classic thing in politics. And it wasn’t on her face. It was a district. These are the ones…

MORGAN: Was it a sensible thing to do (?)?

COULTER: Yes, it is fine for both the Democrats and the Republicans to do it.

MORGAN: Would you encourage them to carry on doing it?

COULTER: Yes. That isn't what caused Jared [Loughner] to shoot up a shopping mall.

MORGAN: How do you know? How do you know? COULTER: Because we know that he’s out of his mind. MORGAN: Mentally unstable guy. As it turns out, it didn't have any connection, it would appear.

COULTER: As it turns out, he was a liberal.

MORGAN: How would you have felt if actually he was mentally unstable, he had seen the website, he misunderstood the instruction from the crosshair, and he went and did the same thing? Then what would you think?


MORGAN: Would you care?

COULTER: …what if I walk out of this studio tonight, and someone who has seen you accusing me of being mean to liberals is so ginned up, he shoots me? Would you not ask any of the questions you're asking?

Well, that's how you answer a stupid "what if" question. Presented without further comment, because I don't need to point out the obvious to YOU. However, I'd be interested in hearing how hard you laughed or how happy it made you feel - made my whole day, and not many people can do that. Thanks, Ann. Thanks, sincerely.


cmblake6 said...

AWESOME! I can get to your site through here, but not to mine. Hmmmph.

fxpcpa said...

Nice find Annie.

She absolutely drives them nuts.

I love watching dopes like Piers Morgan's head explode as she uses quaint old concepts such as facts and logic.

Plus she never accepts the dubious premises they advance.

The only quibble would be when the French Revolution came up she should have responded that the closest thing to it was the Wisconsiin public employee riots.

Of course the original French Revolution was to meant to overthrow the oligarchy, the Wisconsin fiasco was meant to maintain it.

phthaloblu said...

Love Ann. I am so happy she actualyl said out loud that it was invention of the Democrats. The leftists did it. Morgan was in over his head. What a dumbass. I was thinking, show me ONE mob that Palin incited because I have yet to see it.