December 28, 2008

Halfwits Quiz!

George Orwell said, "There are some ideas so preposterous only an intellectual could believe them." That goes for Hollywood Halfwits too. Let's have some fun with Halfwit quotes. The answers are hidden; you have to highlight the text to read them.

Susan Sarandon said, "The United States is a land that has raped every area of the world. In what year did she say this?

May 1991.

John Cusack said, "George Bush goes around massacring Iraqis and it's called collateral damage. I saw a country so bloodthirsty it began to refer to a war in which real people were dying in football terms...The worst part is that the American people were 100 percent behind it because they have nothing else to believe in When did he say it?

May 1991

Sean Penn said, "I don't think it scratches the surface of the rage that is felt, if not acted upon, by most of the people in the country where I live. I was brought up in a country that relished fear-based religion, corrupt government, and an entire white population living on stolen property that they murdered for and that is passed on from generation to generation." When did he say this?

May 1991

Oliver Stone said, "We have become the enemy - with a security state now second to none. Today we have come to live in total hatred, fear, and the desire to destroy. Bravo. Fear and conformity have triumphed." He also said, "I think America has to bleed. I think the corpses have to pile up. I think American boys have to die again. let the mothers weep and mourn." When did he say these?


Slight change of direction, but a movie quote in a scene acted by Joan Allen, "Larry has a friend that was in Vietnam and he killed a whole family of people in a hut. A mother, a father, three children, some uncles and aunts and a grandmother. Killed every one of them..." "Did Daddy kill like that?" "I don't know, but it wouldn't be unusual if he did. That's what they were sent over there to do.

This infantile, ludicrous, cartoon assessment of what the military's purpose is has never failed to stun me, but is it surprising that a young new president with absolutely no experience whatsoever believes that's exactly what they do? He was raised on that shit, same as all the people who voted for him. Of course his claim is that we're carpet-bombing villages and killing civilians in Afghanistan, and the movie quote above was from "In Country" about Vietnam in 1989. Same lie, different day. And the little spooners just lap it up with their spoons and spew it out time after time after time, but each time with a little more rage, each time a little more fevered, each time with a little extra stamp of the foot. It still isn't true, but their faces turn blue anyway. How disturbing is it to you that an entire generation and more has been literally raised on these lies, the same exact ones, half the time with the same names? I don't want to take away hope at this time of year, but that's pretty grim. And it needs to be fought on every level. More on this later; but I wanted to get the basics out immediately.

2008: The Year Man-Made Global Warming Was Disproved. Hehe.

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phthaloblu said...

These people are fucking entertainers and they are here to do one thing. Entertain. I don't give a shit to hear their opinions. They are supposed to look pretty and entertain me. I don't care if they talk. It would be better if they didn't, in fact. We used to have silent movies and I think we should go back to that. They are all hypocrites. From Susan Sarandon and her stupidiness, and Sean Fucking Penn who lives on so called stolen land (we won a war, stupid. The land was the spoils. Get over it. You're not Native American, but I am part. You have no reason to be outraged you pathetic tweaker.) Oliver Stone has nerve talking about conformists. All of Hollywood are nothing but a bunch of conformists. They don't have an original thought in any of their fluffy heads. If they were actually intelligent, they wouldn't be actors. Everyone has been telling them for years how wonderful they are that they believe it. There needs to be an all out boycott on Hollywood. That is what will shut them the fuck up! For the record, I'm all for freedom of speech, no matter how stupid, but they do not speak for the whole country. And they sure as hell do not speak for me.