December 16, 2008

Job Loss - From the Horse's Mouth

H/T to the Emperor

When the jobs report for November came out last week, many so-called "experts" were shocked at the massive loss of an estimated 533 thousand jobs. Even a Time /CNN organization called "The Curious Capitalists" were at a loss to explain it.

Let me attempt to help out these "curious capitalists" (though I am still skeptical that anyone working for CNN or Time is either curious or a capitalist). I caused part of this job loss and I know precisely why; the election. The results portend big trouble for small business.

The job destruction process has started. We are about 20% of the way through our ramp down process and on schedule to complete the shut down by spring 2009. Watch the financial news and you will see continued job cuts each month. We are not alone in our strategy. Far from it. Atlas has shrugged all over the country.

Like many business owners, we are no longer willing to take all of the financial and legal risks and put up with all of the aggravation of owning and running a business. Not with the prospects of even higher taxes, more regulation, more litigation and more emboldened bureaucrats on the horizon. Like others we know, we are getting out while the getting is, well, tolerable. Many who aren't getting out are scaling back.

It's pathetic how 180 degrees wrong the left is when they see these reports. It seems so patently obvious to anyone with a shred of economic understanding (and seriously, I do mean a shred - you do not need advanced knowledge here to understand the obvious) and yet they get it 100% wrong, time after time after time. That's what you get substituting indoctrination for knowledge. No commentary on the article required; you likely knew all this anyway, but it's always good to get a first-person perspective.

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