December 4, 2008

The Funny of the Year

Oh, it's so freeing not to be terminally offended and find so many things funny - even when you're a bit down about the state of the union. Still, I think this has got to be the funniest thing I've read all year. Why I can't come up with stuff like this I'll never know, but at least I can share it with you! Sample and link below.

“Is my seal big enough?” Obama asked the press as he pointed to the big seal on the front of his podium. “Can you all tell I’m going to be the president?”

“We get it, Obama,” one of the press answered.

“Anyway, Biden and I are here to introduce our new national security team.”

“Hi, everybody. Good be here,” Biden said.

“I’m limiting him to five words per statement to try and limiting him saying anything embarrassing,” Obama explained.

Biden put his hand on Obama’s shoulder. “Clean and articulate, though black.”

“Are we supposed to know who that old white guy is?” one reporter whisper to another.

“I think he’s who Obama ran against.”

Read the rest of it here. If you can come back with your sides splitting, do let me know how hard and how long you laughed - I'm still going. Hehe.

Now if SNL had any balls at all? They would use the bit about the five words and the clean and articulate bit on SNL exactly as written. That would beat Tina Fey all to hell and it would be HILARIOUS! Lorne Michaels, I'm talking to you! Capitalize on this, because Biden is FUNNY!

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