December 22, 2008

Yes, Virginia, There IS Media Bias!

It's time to play Name! That! Party! The wild-n-wacky game that's sweeping the nation. Pick a newspaper article from the Associated (with evil) Press about a corrupt politician - any corrupt politician who is now in a buttload of butthurt. Scan the article for references to his party affiliation - you know, that D or R next to his or her name. Keep going - you can do this all day. Notice something? If you really looked, you see it.

There are no Ds! Oh you can find Rs galore - a single piece might contain eight or ten Rs, usually in 18pt blood red font, but then there are these puzzling pieces that contain no reference to the crook's party. I am going to tell you how to win this game every single time. I am going to tell you the secret of the champions.

WHEN THERE IS NO MENTION OF THE PARTY, THE PARTY IS DIMOCRAT. It is when a Dim is in trouble that party suddenly ceases to exist - even if the AP has to literally SCRUB mention of it from local articles that felt it was necessary to include! This is against their policy and it is quite clearly deliberate, but Name! That! Party! is the proof for even the dumbest among us (usually "journalists" fresh out of college) that Yes, Virginia, there IS a Media Bias! Have a looksee over here and you will know for your very own self. And pay attention from now on, dipshits - next time one of you leftist "journalists" tells me there is no media bias, I'm going to spit in your face, and then laugh uproariously. What a bunch of phony shits.

Speaking of which, there is an important piece up at Protein Wisdom about the fact that president Bush has consistently allowed the press and the public to spew the vilest, most insane accusations about him and with never a word of protest or correction. The vision many people have of him is of a mental retardate who nonetheless has gumped his way into ripping apart millions of people with his bear hands and feasting on their viscera, while shooting women in the uterus in the off hours, just for fun. It's the most ridiculous caricature I've ever seen of any president in my lifetime, but he's pretty much said nothing, waiting instead for the record to bear him out in the long run. And damn the consequences in the now. Naturally most of their most hysterical ravings are just moonbat guano and of course in the end that may all come right; but that isn't going to set people right, any more than people who remember Waco and who believed the press at the time. Sure we now know that it was a mass murder by the government, but how many people who are old enough to remember it really know that? How many still say "Those people were crazy killing themselves like that" or use Koresh as some sort of boogeyman figure? The damage is done regardless. Just as the damage Bush has allowed to be done by never SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT when in fact he should have been doing so. So this is mandatory reading, and an object lesson for WHAT NOT TO F*$&ING DO NEXT TIME.

UPDATE: Bush's hundreds of private hours spent personally comforting grieving families and wounded soldiers. Stands a stark contrast not only to Obama, who simply refused to visit them at all when he found out no cameras were allowed, but also to the monstrous image of Bush created by the left.

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