March 19, 2010

A Brief Hello from Nowhere

Hiya, folks (if you're still there) - just a brief note to let you know I'm still alive and kicking, but have been avoiding the computer and politics like the plague...just one of those life seasons. As a matter of fact, I logged on to my gmail account to find it had been hacked, and I was getting threatening phone calls from a barely intelligible Indian man pretending to be, in turns, a police officer and a lawyer, claiming I was to be sued for thousands of dollars for internet fraud because of an ever-changing amount of money on a debt that never existed. Show ME to go on hiatus, eh? He had all sorts of frightening information, such as our bank account number, last four digits of social, etc. I finally realized it was a scam after a few moments of panic and told him to find another patsy. But he called several more times until my husband took to reading him the bible - he doesn't call anymore. The number the calls came from is on google with several comments from people who he'd attempted the same scam on; who knows how many more caved in and sent the several hundred they were demanding to make it all go away. Heh.

Anyway, I will eventually get back to following politics and enlightening everyone with my wit and wisdom (haha) but right this moment couldn't say exactly when. It's all been a moment-by-moment thing of late. Best to you all and hope this message finds you all well and hale. Namaste.