January 11, 2011

Neuro-Atypical Person Uses Nondescript Weapons-Type Object to Hug People

See, we all have to censor our speech now, again, in an effort to be PC.

This practice fell out of favor during Clinton as people realized, "Fuck you, I'll say what I want!" The left spared no speech in their attempts to get Bush killed with extreme prejudice. But they don't own guns, so screw them.

We're not supposed to say this guy was crazy. Crazy ain't PC. We're no longer supposed to mention guns. We're no longer supposed to use "violent rhetoric." It doesn't matter that this guy had nothing to do with the Tea Party or Sarah Palin and wasn't "political" in any recognizable sense. Because violent event = TEA PARTY! Our peaceful rallies are nullified by a lone gunman with no political agenda except that the government is controlling grammar and he has lucid dreams. Don't retreat - reload! which obviously meant "VOTE THEM OUT!" now means "KILL THEM" even though the guy was clearly unaware of this statement himself. It's contributing to a climate of hate. Representative Bob Brady is writing a bill to censor political speech, and when asked about people who might be against such legislation, he sincerely asks "Why would you be against it?" Apparently he missed the first amendment part of the reading of the constitution on the house floor the other day. The Constitution is hate speech anyway. (After all it was written by gun-owning insurgents who shot people in the quest for liberty, making them no different than Loughner.)

THE SHERIFF (and why weren't there police at this event???) blames conservatives immediately despite this NOT BEING HIS JOB AT ALL, and we find out HE KNEW LOUGHNER INTIMATELY and KNEW the guy was violent and dangerous...did nothing. He painted blame in order to excuse himself for any ACTUAL blame.

MarKOS of The Daily KOS is fomenting hatred by blaming the Tea Party for thisand especially Sarah Palin's "Target Map" despite using the exact same imagery himself and he decries "Target Lists" as violent despite using target lists extensively on his own site. Markos is a newfag asshole who never gives an inch and will blame the right for everything from global warming (er. climate change) to the cream in his coffee containing simplesse. As these people decry violent rhetoric and the climate of hate, they call us all murderers without a qualm. Yes, they're that stupid.

4-chan's Anonymous happily jumped on the bandwagon, not to make a political statement but to start trolling Palin's Facebook (and Giffords' if she has one), making posts about killing Palin, asking for pix of Giffords' bloody head, pretending to be Bristol Palin, and you know - just general mischief. They don't resemble V except insofar as they wear the masks in person. Markos is silent on the matter.

Through all this Penn Jillette made the most coherent and meaningful Twat I think I've ever seen - [b]"Fuck Civility. Hyperbole, passion, and metaphor are some of the most beautiful parts of rhetoric. Marketplace of ideas cannot be toned down for the insane."[/b] YOU GO PENN!

But just in case newspeak takes the day, we have (with the help of Iowahawk) rewritten some violent imagery in popular references. Johnny Cash has been rewritten to say "I hugged a man in Reno/just to watch him smile..." and movie titles "12 Slightly Disgruntled Men and/or Womyn" and art to "The Non-Sexual Aiding of the Sabine Womyn". Gotta be careful or these neuro-atypicals will non-violently take over by hugging people in the face.

On a happy note, Loughner YOU FAIL! YOUR WOMAN LIVES! OUTLANDER!

God bless Giffords for living. And keep fighting the good fight. I can't figure out how to make that statement non-violent, so FIGHT! (Passively resist? Ok, PASSIVELY RESIST, GIFFORDS!) As Giffords passively resists for her life, let's all just give up our free speech and condemn Sarah Palin as a murderer. Nothing nasty about that now, is there? And now your moment of Zen - the non-violent left and their non-violent rhetoric (which they claim we will not find no matter how hard we look) - oh gee, they better tone it down!

(On a serious note, none of these people are responsible for this atrocity - left or right. Loughner's responsible. In his lucid dreams. But you wanna play that game fucknuggets? THEN PLAY.)

http://www.zombietime.com/zomblog/?p=621 From the DC Tea Party Rally I went to - drove four hours and struck gold - gay, straight, black, white, atheist, Christian - WE ARE ONE! AMERICANS!


phthaloblu said...

I was in a debate yesterday with a bunch of those fucknuggets you speak of. Amazing that the never lay the blame where it belongs. It's always someone else, someTHING else, but it is never the individual. I finally told them all to fuck of and get a job and a get a fucking spine. Whiners, every one of them. They'd bitch and moan at a free beer party.

Anniee451 said...


Remember that equation. It's important somehow. Even the MODERATE left blames her. Nonsensical. Despite the fact that it's NOT TRUE. As far as getting a job: GOOD LUCK in this economy. I WANT to work; CAN I? Fuck no. Skills and intelligence matter not; this is not the Reagan BOOM years. You can be willing and able and still be fucked.

Apparently pulling yourself up by your bootstraps is impossible anymore. They saw to THAT. No longer the land of the free. We're all dependent now.

Good luck impressing the haters; they.don't. get. it. National unity is a foreign concept to these idiots. They don't remember our reaction to JFK and MLK...or maybe they DO. Fucktards.

phthaloblu said...

Sorry to hear you are still out of work. Difference between you adn them is that they don't WANT to work. They are all theatre people and believe the government should provide for them. *rolling eyes* I'm so sick of the evil Republican and evil corporation rhetoric. I told them to stop making excuses and DO something. But, they are content to sit and whine to their liberal friends on FB. The lack of personal responsibility in the liberal mindset is the biggest part of their problem. If the individual is not to blame, then it must be... Republicans, evil corporations and....wait for it....Palin and the Tea Party. I'm telling you, they will be food for the rest of us.

Anniee451 said...

A "Modest Proposal" Phthalo? :D

Ok, one liberal will feed me for maybe a week at the least - let's go for it! OPEN SEASON!

(By the way you can say "Get a job" - no offense taken. I would if I could and everyone should if they could. GET A JOB SIR - THE BUMS LOST LEBOWSKI!)

Anniee451 said...

The answer? Put valium/Xanax in the water supply. Mellow everyone out.

cmblake6 said...

Numerous profan/obscenities come to mind when I consider the left. If I were to put them here I'd run out of space before I were finished, so I won't. Suffice it to say, they ARE in my mind, seething.

Captcha: cordeit. Might that have to do with CORDITE? *AHEM*

cmblake6 said...

Go. Read today.

phthaloblu said...

Careful, Annie, those words could be taken as "hate speech". *rolling eyes* I've been doing that a lot lately. They are gonna roll right outta my head.

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

In relation to this post, I think you might appreciate the following articles from THE NEW AMERICAN magazine:

“If we must characterize a profoundly abnormal man in a preposterously normal way, it’s more accurate to say that Loughner was molded by the Left”, writes Selwyn Duke in THIS article.

And, “Despite an absence of much concrete information on the shooter’s motives — who at this point appears to be a deranged leftist — efforts to demonize the Second Amendment and conservatives in general are already taking flight”, writes Alex Newman in THIS article.

Check ‘em out, Anniee, when you have a chance and see whatcha think.

~ D-FensDogg
‘Loyal American Underground’