January 19, 2011

Dipshit on Display

Obviously no one is going to quit bitchin; that's what blogs are for, right? At least I think so. But sometimes a character so odious, so repugnant, so abhorrent just keeps on and on and on for years and gets themselves put in the national spotlight yet, that you would really just wish they would once and for all just stfu. During the Edwards campaign two bloggers were hired to connect with the internet generation - I don't think little Johnny did much vetting, as these bloggers were so over-the-moonbat, so far left of Stalin, and so blatantly offensive to most Americans that Edwards actually had to fire them in shame and pretend the whole thing never happened. One of them I knew from the good old days (12 years or so perhaps - and she's a real humdinger all right) and one was a new one to me. It's that one I'm going to proverbially shred here, as she's just begging herself for a verbal shredding and always is. And since she always refers to herself as Queen Cunt of Fuck Mountain, I'm going to use very strong words to do it. Now I could do this every day since something insane appears every day, and I could exist for years doing nothing but that and never miss a single day blogging. But I don't have that kind of stamina, so let's settle for one representative shredding and leave the new blog idea for someone who has the stomach for it. It's a blog called shakespearessister and it's a haven of radical feminist leftism and constant invective. I've nothing against invective if it's A) funny and/or B) true, but none of this is either. As I've learned to my sorrow. This is someone who relies on Ezra Klein, KOS, ThinkProgress, and PAUL effing Krugman, who she apparently believes is an economist and not a politico duping millions as he rakes in the money.

One of today's offerings:

97: The percentage of Republicans in the House who "will still be receiving insurance through the Federal Employees' Health Benefits Plan—a federal exchange which offers subsidized coverage to federal government workers, including members of Congress. According to a ThinkProgress analysis, seven, or just three percent of all the Republicans in the House have agreed to give up their insurance while they vote to repeal coverage for some 32 million Americans."

Why yes, yes they will still be receiving health coverage. Let's put this in some perspective, shall we? See, the Republicans tried to introduce a plan that if the country were going to be forced into accepting Obamacare that the congress should have to all be covered under Obamacare as well. Guess who rejected that idea? The Democrats. None of them felt Obamacare was good enough for *them* - just for all of us, no matter how much we don't want it. Some of us don't want to be fined for not buying insurance when we can't afford it. Some of us know exactly where it's leading and don't want that either. And who are these mythical 30 million people who suddenly have health care that didn't before? Last I read, there are 222 companies (all contributors to Obama's campaigns) that are exempt from the bill now, and companies are being forced to charge more for insurance, drop people altogether, raise co-pays and cover fewer things in order to cut their expenses from this monstrosity of a bill. But an imaginary 30million new poor people have coverage. Uh-huh. Hey, I have this bridge available...

Scrolling down I see the constantly-covered "blood libel" anti-Semitic charge against Palin even though prominent Rabbis like Schmuley Boteach say she used it quite properly and even Ed Koch, who admits he is terrified of Palin's policy, says she didn't say anything wrong and did a good job with her speech. Others deride it as being a purposeful stab at the Jews, when Palin is an ardent Israel supporter (uh,yeah, Obama isn't.) But here's one no one else thought to mention because it's just that ridiculous.

At one point in the interview (which is viewable here), she also says: "They can't make us sit down and shut up." "Sit down and shut up" is a common enough phrase, but her they can't make us construction is evocative of the language of social justice movements, and the Civil Rights Movement in particular. That Palin chose to use these words, in this way, on Martin Luther King Day, is no coincidence.

No accident. Yes, she said "they can't make us" because she hates black people. You know why no one else reported this? Because it doesn't make any sense. But guess what? You CAN'T make us sit down and shut up. You CAN'T tell us we can "come along for the ride but they have to sit in back" as Obama said about Republicans. Because we won't do it. We may scare you, but you don't scare us.

You really should thank me because scrolling through this shit is harder than it looks. *Everything* is horrible and shred-worthy. And those words are no accident! They come on the anniversary of the Fargo woodchipper incident which as we all know was an anti-feminist crime.

Ah, she has a whole category called "Both Sides are Not Just As Bad." Why yes, yes they are. See also Fuller, the slew of new death threats to the Palins, and just...well yes, yes it's demonstrably true that both sides ARE just as bad. I've provided 3 links of the proof of that, one of which is a literal roundup of dozens of links proving exactly that. Now don't get me wrong - I don't see why *anyone* should "tone it down" - neither "side" (they seem to forget there are more than two sides here - hell, the CWA is boycotting CPAC because GOProud is welcome there; there are libertarians and there are all sort of other legitimate political foundations aside from the two parties, but hey, I'll stay with the phony "two-sided" meme if that floats your boat.)

As I've written before, anti-choice activists, in conjunction with the GOP, have successfully chipped away at abortion rights on the federal and state levels for two decades, hollowing the right guaranteed by Roe via "partial-birth abortion bans" and "parental consent laws" and state legislatures that refuse to fund clinics offering abortions and local municipalities creating barriers with zoning laws.

Bitch, please. D&X abortion is an atrocity almost anyone (well, anyone with a soul) can recognize, unless the baby is in a condition that is LITERALLY incompatible with life such as anencephaly. That isn't usually why it's done. And you know it. You know the AMA has said that procedure is never necessary to save the life of the mother, either. And yes, Dr. Tiller was a monster; I read up on his background and his statements. No, no one should have shot him, but that doesn't change what he was. And it isn't why so many clinics closed *years* before that. They operate for profit; if profits fall off, they close. Abortion is at an all-time low; apparently we don't need as many clinics because maybe,just MAYBE, people are using birth control. PARENTAL CONSENT LAWS do not take away anyone's rights; they RESTORE the right of the parents to have *knowledge* of serious medical procedures taking place on their CHILDREN - if the nurse can't give her an aspirin without your consent, they sure as shit can't operate on her. Get real. That doesn't restrict her right to have one; the parents have to be notified but that doesn't mean they can stop it. And ME refusing to PAY YOU for your abortion isn't taking away your right to have one. You find the fucking money; I don't owe you an abortion. Next time use a rubber; they're everywhere, you know.

The people who use violent rhetoric, and violence, bank on that response. They provoke until Something Bad Happens, and they count on their opponents' decency, which they exploit for maximum gain.

As Coulter said, if you want to know what the left is up to, just look at what they're accusing conservatives of. Believe me, no one over here is counting on YOU people to be anything approaching "decent". You never have been, why start now?

You know what every last Democrat in Congress needs to start shouting in front of every camera and into every microphone they can find...? That Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is only alive today because she had access to some of the best healthcare on the planet, which is paid for by the taxpayers of this nation, who deserve the same as she's got.

Oh good god. Where do you start with THAT? First of all, it was paid for by tax dollars because she works for the fucking government and all her salary and benefits come from the taxpayers. I certainly don't begrudge her health coverage provided by her job. Which so many people are now LOSING thanks to Obamacare. And WHY did she get the best healthcare in the world? Because she got it in the United States, which has maintained a semblance of a free market in the field and thus is constantly *innovating* and making advances in the field. Also because in this country it is ILLEGAL to turn away anyone who needs emergency care - such as someone who was just SHOT IN THE HEAD. Anyone would get the care available in their area and the bill comes later - if you are indigent it usually gets written off to charity care. They can't attach your wages for it or put you in jail for not paying it or take your house away for it - all they can do is try to collect. Ok those were the laws last time I needed medical care; have they changed? Did Obamacare fuck me over now too?

Then there's a rant on how evil Gwyneth Paltrow is for dispensing advice to other mothers because her privilege is so obvious. Now if only she'd done it the way Cracked did it it would have been funny. She doesn't "get" funny. Her idea of funny is this one rape joke (which only rape survivors get to make) that she is so proud of she constantly parades it around the place as one of the only acceptable rape jokes in existence. If I could make jokes I would totally make rape jokes since I'm allowed to since I had one too! (Ok, a couple but who's counting?) Please don't tell me you're sorry; I'm fine. Plenty of worse things have happened to me.

After seeing Palin's response to the witch-hunt and blood libel she is being subjected to - ON THAT VERY BLOG I MIGHT ADD - this blogger is "literally shaking with rage" so badly that she's "actually incoherent" right now. When WERE you coherent?

Embedded within Gergen's admonishment is the damnable lie that pointing out this act of violence does not exist in a void is the same thing as placing blame for the massacre.

You and your whole following certainly DID blame Palin and Beck et. al. and so did millions of other people. KOS insists "Mission accomplished, Sarah Palin" and one blog owner insists that there has to be some way Palin can be legally tried for this murder spree. Sound a little like blame? Yeah, I thought so too.

There's a complaint that Joe Biden made the same joke to every little girl or young woman he greeted during the congressional swearing in - "No dating until you're 30!" He just kept saying it and saying it. Poor Joe; he can only get UNINTENTIONAL laughs; when he tries he totally fails. But in this case he's being the "gatekeeper of women's sexuality." Wow. I didn't know my vagina had a gatekeeper all its own. Thanks Joe!

Ok, here's the one I wanted. I gave up scrolling and did a search. There's a new movie with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston (sounds...awful) where he enlists the help of his friend (Aniston) to help him get the girl of his dreams. Obviously they will fall in love during the process and end up together; formula comedy at its "finest", right? Hokey bullshit no one will bother with. But wait! They use anti-feminist sexual assault imagery - it's a rape movie! WHO KNEW?

Here, we see Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler sitting on the beach fist-bumping each other, sealing the deal in which she'll help him "land the woman of his dreams." In the background, her bikini-clad back turned to the camera, is, presumably, said dream woman.

But take a closer look at the way their fists are positioned as they bump. X notes via email: "They appear to be about to pull apart the model's legs, like a turkey wishbone. This might take some kind of prize as the subtlest version of violence against women in movie posters that I've ever seen, but it still definitely suggests a violent act."

I guess it does if you're insane. In fact it's so subtle no one else will ever see it.

This is not a coincidence. The entire premise of the movie is that Sandler has enlisted Aniston's help to get laid, and here is the visual representation of the two of them working together to pry apart a woman's legs.

Not an accident! Something someone in their right minds wouldn't even think of is on purpose?? Does that even make sense? And who said she's trying to help him get laid? She's trying to help him "get the girl." A girl he thinks he loves. If he wanted to rape her he wouldn't need Aniston's help, now, would he? So now the poor slob who made the stupid movie poster is accused of rape apologia. They see violence in *everything* and these are the people we're supposed to now censor our speech for because it might be "violent"? Would YOU surrender your speech to people who would police it to such a ludicrous, insane extent? I sure as hell won't.


Well I would have gone with "absurd" but that's just me I guess. Let me know when they make you language czar so we can all use idiotic terms like "hir" (instead of his/her) and "zie" (instead of he/she) and cic-gender (not transgender) like you do. Because we all want to talk like assholes.

But I've gotten about a dozen violent threats this week alone—more violent threats than donations. What am I supposed to do? What are all the women like me supposed to do? The women who can't afford the best private security money can buy...?

Given your definition of "violent talk" I'm surprised it's not thousands. But again given your definition it's probably less than a dozen. You know what's pretty dumb if you ask me? Putting your real name and information on your inflammatory blog. First thing they ever told us when the net was new was not to give people your dox. First time someone said "a/s/l" in chat I got freaked. I was like uh-uh. You give someone that shit you better be sure you can trust them. Next thing you know someone's putting surveyor's symbols on your face and we all know what happens next! ??? Profit!

Ok enough crazy for one day; I enjoy ripping up stupidity, most particularly lefty stupidity (conservative stupidity AND smartidity already gets pummeled enough; I don't need to aid it.) Libertarian stupidity is just starting to get its share because it's just now really coming into its own and because it encompasses such a broad group of people (religious, non-religious, anti-religious, different ethnicities, different cultures and disagreements on various issues) so it's going to be a little harder to get that started. Libertarians don't have a Limbaugh or a Coulter or...well maybe we do. We do have Penn Jillette and Drew Carey but they're pretty hard to cut up. Since they're both AWESOME. So we'll see where that all ends up going.


phthaloblu said...

Great post. I applaud your ripping and shredding as I can't read shit that absurd. These bitches have way too much time on their hands which is obvious if they have the time to figure out a fist bump means rape. *shaking my head in awe* Wow, you wonder how much of daddy's attention these women didn't get to turn them into to shrieking shrews they are? Nah, I don't either. Just thought I'd throw that out there. Kinda goes with I heart Kuntface.

Anniee451 said...

I can't take hero status as I'm so ill-read that your leftard friends don't even know me LOL. But thanks!

phthaloblu said...

As the weeks go, I have less and less left tard friends. I used to try to be civil to them, but they left me no choice so each week another one bites the dust. I've listened to them bitch and moan for years and left them do it without being judgmental, but they don't want me to even peep. And when I do, they get all offended and cry and run home to mommy's basement. lmao

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

You nailed it down pretty good, Sister.

And Ann Coulter was right on target with this comment as well:

>>.....As Coulter said, if you want to know what the left is up to, just look at what they're accusing conservatives of.

As far back as 1963, Robert Welch said essentially the same thing in his book 'The Politician':

"A key maxim of Soviet policy is: Always accuse your opponent, first and loudly, of those very crimes which you yourself are committing."

Medford Evans offered a variation on that theme in his 1970 book 'The Assassination Of Joe McCarthy':

"Liberals characteristically label things the opposite of what they are."

In the same book, Evans had another pithy gem that provided genuine insight into the Communist (and I would add "the average liberal") mind. He wrote:

"The great commandments of Communism are: Thou shalt hate God, and thy neighbor as thyself."

Good blog bit, Anniee!

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'