May 14, 2011

Audacity and a Birth Certificate

Usurper-in-chief's plan for growing the economy? Convince businesses to just hire people, whether they need them or not. After all, they need to step up as good Americans! (Screw the foreigners, unless they're Mexican.) No worry, they'll print you money to pay the workers, if they have to.

"When the economy started growing again, worldwide demand for oil went back up," he said

Um, WHEN was that? In imaginary-unicorn-world, where the "economy" started growing again? And why would oil demand be a good thing to Obama, who promised to bankrupt the oil and coal industries and to make energy prices skyrocket? I think I smell a rat.

In NYSlimes "News" Obama released his long-form birth certificate. Supposedly. Then, and really this was brilliant on his part (if anything he does can be called brilliant) he joked at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner that, "I happen to know my ratings are still high in the country of my birth." Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzip! Rewind! Now I found this out while searching for the term; and why was I searching for the term? Because he already said EXACTLY that in a serious speech - I watched the video months ago - so I knew what to look for. Seems to me he would like there to be two exact same quotes out there so that anytime someone brings that up to him he can say "Sure I said it - just last week/month at the WH CA Dinner! It was a joke, duh." That...that's thinking like a REAL Chicago politician - it's just slimy enough. Covering one quote with another - I bet he was careful to use the same tone of voice, too. Wonder if he covered one birth certificate with another? Heh. Not that it matters; when your father is a foreign citizen, you do not qualify for "natural-born citizenship" status anyway. More people should have been focusing on THAT and stop worrying about WHERE he was born; we should always assume an ace up the sleeve, and please - from a guy who prints money in the basement, what would you expect? That he COULDN'T produce a document saying X, Y or Z? I figure assume he WAS born in Hawaii and focus on the fact that a parent being a foreign subject automatically disqualifies one from natural-born citizen, no matter where you crowned your head. The document is never going to satisfy hardcore doubters, who will find things wrong with it, and the argument about parentage is easily provable on both sides. Went after the wrong thing, birthers. (Not that I blame you; it seems like a good shortcut.) At the very least we know he perjured himself before the Illinois bar (he swore he'd never gone under any other name - hello, Soetero) and that he's used multiple SS#s which means SS fraud...with all those plums just out of reach why pick the one that he COULD fake?

Of course, that means one thing - both he and Michelle LIED previously when claiming was born in Kenya (yeah, they did.) I said, if he isn't lying now, he was lying then...obviously he was. But...his lips were moving.

Reince Pribus of the RNC sez:

“The president ought to spend his time getting serious about repairing our economy, working with Republicans and focusing on the long-term sustainability of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Unfortunately his campaign politics and talk about birth certificates is distracting him from our No. 1 priority — our economy."
and Palin sez:
Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska and a potential 2012 rival, said in a Twitter message that the news media should not “let the WH distract you w/the birth crt” from stories like the public comments of Ben Bernanke, the chairman of the Federal Reserve bank.

Guys, seriously, that's just NOT fair. Boo! Look, people wanted to see it, that's all there is to it. And he's come up with a great cover for his previous comments (Michelle hasn't, that I know of, refuted or repeated in jest her comment about her and Barack being tested for AIDS in Barack's "home country" of Kenya to set an example. Better get on that, guys.)

NY Slimes, ferreal? A marKOS MOULITSAS quote? THAT'S what you've got? Why don't you just quote random bloggers and include some of us, if you're going THERE.

KOS says they're right to "rub it in their (Republicans') face." Keep it classy, MarKOS. You're becoming a real newsboy day by day.

NySlimes also sez:

White House officials said they hoped to at least bring an end to discussion of the topic in the mainstream news.

I'll BET they do.

NYS Also sez:

Mr. Obama’s comments risked elevating the discredited questions about where he was born, but also allowed him to cast his political opponents as focused on the trivial at a time when the nation is facing more important issues.

Discredited? When? mean just now? Allegedly? Well, yeah, I can see your point; those birthers ought to have seen into the future and known he was going to release SOMETHING - doesn't change his status but it was fun to chide him on his and Michelle's previous comments that he was born abroad. And yeah some of us? Don't think the constitution is trivial, thanks.


cmblake6 said...

He possibly IS popular in his "home country". It ain't this one! Even were he actually hatched within our borders, THIS is not "his home country". How do you do an emoticon spitting?

Anniee451 said...

Oh, I know; he was quite clearly NOT referring to the US when he said that (considering he was talking to a US audience about his ratings dropping HERE, and that in his "home country" they were still high). Of course I am still kind of freaked out that the video of him CLEARLY stating to a group of students that "Yes, it's true, I'm foreign-born" has been tampered with on youtube so that the audio has basically disappeared almost entirely.

I mean, really WHAT is THAT?! It was there a month or two ago, and now every copy of it is damaged or gone? Whoah. Now THAT is seriously fucked up.

phthaloblu said...

Did you see the news t-shirts for his campaign? Made in America. He is THE most arrogant, narrow minded pussy I've ever had the displeasure to see. It's not funny. Not one little bit.

Anniee451 said...

No, I haven't seen them! Do you have a link?

And I ain't laughing. I flipped this picture and put it next to one of Mussolini in his famous know, Mussolini NEVER lifted his head THAT high. We haven't seen anything like this here - not even ol' "above the law" Bill, who was at least somewhat good-natured in various ways. This is something that NEVER should have been in this position...and we're all going to be very sorry. :(

phthaloblu said...

Here's the link:

What bothers me most is that he has no class. He is always whining about how people aren't liking him or doing what he wants them to do. Then he mocks them. WTF is it with this tool? He needs to grow the fuck up and get a spine. Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, he needs to get some decorum instead of getting into a pissing match with the people that don't agree with him.

Anniee451 said...

You know, you're right. No class at all. I was just looking at "Michelle Obama's Latest Looks" and jeez, she's got no taste at all - I swear these people are dressing her specifically to mock and look trashy, and she really thinks it all looks great? Ick.

As to Obama, why are we supposed to just FORGET how open he used to be (him AND Michelle) about this alleged foreign birth? I mean it was right out there and not even like something they acted funny about - he would say it in front of groups of students, she would reference it in front of crowds in speeches...and NOW it's CRAZY to even suggest?

This is utterly inconsistent and would require us to either completely forget the past or deny it entirely...I mean yes, a lot of it has made a mysterious disappearance but that doesn't mean it wasn't right out there.

The fact is, either he was living a lie then or he's living one now. They just can't have it both ways. Well, I guess they CAN - just do your best to destroy all the past evidence and pretend you were never living a lie. Which is not something you really want in a president, but apparently people would rather act like we're crazy for remembering. I still don't know why the youtube video has only RECENTLY been tampered with so that the sound has disappeared...someone noticed. Most copies are gone, the few remaining have no sound.

phthaloblu said...

More of the same. Just remember....he is not the one calling the shots. He's just the pretty face in front of the teleprompter.