June 23, 2009

Before You Ask Me WHY

I am showing you this horror video, this real life horror in the streets of Iran, a beautiful young girl sent to a brutal death, I will show it and then TELL you why I'm doing it.

Because Hussein Pasha has invited Iranian diplomats to join us at US embassies around the world in celebration of INDEPENDENCE DAY - that is, the 4th of July. The day we celebrate our independence and our liberty. And in light of the fact that they are now shooting people in the streets who are struggling for that very thing, you would think Hussein Pasha might think twice about inviting the leaders OF that regime to celebrate with us. Except he has no intention of disinviting them or discouraging their actions in any way.

Once upon a time this man told us that rather than *fighting* with evil and murderous regimes, terrorist dictatorships, he would use diplomacy and strongly worded statements. It turns out he will not even do that. He will, however, invite the murderers to tea with us. How can you possibly know this, see Neda, and not weep? What are you made of?

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