June 19, 2009

Welcome Track-a-Crat

Found a great new blog - well, I'm assuming it's great based on this one post, and since this one post is that frickin' awesome, I think it's a safe assumption. Here is a portion of it but you'll have to go to Track-a-Crat to get the relevant links that prove all of these assertions. I had just heard that horrible story about the little boy turned away from Michelle Obama's hospital (that fake job thingie where she made lots-n-lots of money) and I'm going to ask the Obama-care supporters - IS THAT REALLY WHAT YOU FUCKING WANT YOU CRETINOUS NEOTENOUS FUCKS?! ARE YOU STUPID?! Here's the smoking gun on Obama care and what you really have to look forward to - patient-dumping while crooked politicos and their worthless beast wives and friends make a fortune "working" these hospitals:

Then again, I’d be that happy if I’d worked for the University of Chicago Hospitals.

The perks are magnificent: should your spouse get elected to the State Senate, then your salary is automatically tripled!

If you decide to take a year off work, then you still get paid $63,000 for that year!

Plus your job is really only half a job, but it was seperated into its own position on account of your hubby’s standing!

And what did Michelle have to do in return?

Why, nothing more than turn away “urban” patients from the hospital. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Which included the unfortunate Dontae Adams, who, after a pit bull tore off his upper lip, was given a tetanus shot, antibiotics and Tylenol, then promptly told to scram. He subsequently had to take an hour-long bus ride to another hospital for surgery.

Welcome to the Anniee Hall of Fame, the PurelyPolitics Walk of Life, Track-a-Crat.

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Thank you, much appreciated!

Glad you like the site. It is pretty new still, only had it up and running since the end of February this year.

If you'd like to see one of the rarest photos in existence, then look no further: