June 9, 2009

Reality in the Age of Plenty

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H/t to the Emperor. So all this money we spent did the predictable - it didn't go to the poor, it didn't go to mortgage holders, it didn't go to ANYTHING - it's just gone. All it did was kill jobs and kill business and buy corporations to be owned by the federal government to Obama could run them as Chief Executive and fire their leaders. He's taking the economy by storm - literally TAKING it. And this Teleprompter Jesus really thinks he can convince us to LIKE sacrificing our lifestyles and our jobs in the name of his socialist utopia - now he's telling them they're going to run out of political capitol by the end of the year so they have to push through the legislation on socialist health care by the end of August or they'll never get it. Gotta give him credit for knowing people aren't going to STAY in love with him when they're in soup lines and bread lines and gas lines, shivering in the winter because he's bankrupted the oil and coal industries as he promised to. The media will stay in love with him but the public tide will turn; in fact it already is. Not that I have a drop of sympathy for anyone who voted for this abortion, no matter how sorry they may be now. They are to blame for this mess and I won't let them forget it, nor forgive. Not when we tried SO HARD to warn them. No dice.

Anwyay, that graph is something, eh? Obama's numbers in blue - telling us how unemployment would be without his plan and with his plan. We pushed through the emergency plan and the real numbers? Through the roof. We're almost into double-digit unemployment now; nice, huh? So much for "saved or created". (I didn't go to McDonald's today - I saved or created 10 chicken nuggets and a soda!) Welcome back, Carter. We haven't missed you.

In case you think I'm exaggerating the media's complicity and over-the-top with the Teleprompter Jesus, remember, the media asserts that Obama is God - literally. Here are some clips for you to enjoy on that score.

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