June 1, 2009

My Final Word on Tiller

About Tiller. Meh. What Misha said. What Gonzman said. The left claims the right is celebrating - uh, yeah, right. I guess universal condemnation is celebration. They're celebrating all the points they believe they've now scored against conservatives. Thatisall.

Except perhaps for a movie I'd like you to see called "22 weeks." It's a true story about a girl who went for an abortion at 22 weeks, who ended up delivering the baby in the bathroom. When she saw the baby's struggles, she lost it and begged them to call 911 to save the baby. They instead locked her in the bathroom, refusing to call 911 while she screamed and begged and pounded on the door. Her friend, hearing, called 911 and the clinic TURNED AWAY the ambulance. When the baby finally died, they let her out and called rescue services...to put her in a mental evaluation. 22 Weeks is her story, based on 911 calls and eyewitness testimony.


The Conservative Times said...

I'm gonna have to check out that video 22 weeks.
I love how if you check out the CNN coverage of Tiller, he's this hero that was martyred for doing good.
Get a clue, people, abortion is murder. The body of the fetus doesn't "magically" come alive just because it left the womb. It was alive to begin with!!!
I'm with you 100% on this...

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Yo! AnnieMc ~
Thanks for the "Vacation Fun" wish you posted on my announcement. It was indeed a good time. Well, any time spent away from Phoenix, Airheadzona, is good! I wrote it up on my non-political "Stuffs" Blog but still managed to slip in a few political remarks (you know me!) Mostly, just an exercise in trying to make an old guy's vacation sound like a "Happening." Ha!

Been meaning to tell ya that I dig the new photo at the heading of yer Blog. Very clever!

Well, gonna go fix me one of the avocados I brought back from Cali-for-ni-a and start catching up on the "Purely Politics" postings I missed. You're the busiest Blogger I follow!

Thanks again for the good wish.

~ Stephen
"As a dog returns to his own vomit,
so a fool repeats his folly."
~Proverbs 26:11

Hey, "CONSERVATIVE TIMES"... Right on! Of course, those who condone the murdering of the unborn try to justify it by claiming a newly developing "fetus" in the womb is not "viable." Yeah? Well go place an infant fresh OUTTA the womb in a corner somewhere and let everyone ignore it for awhile and see if it was any MORE viable than the fetus was! That's what I say anyway.

Anonymous said...

The people celebrating Tillers death are the vermin at Planned Parenthood(sic). They see this as a golden opportunity to vilify people who believe in life over death.