November 30, 2008

What's This?

Well, Mr. Trudeau, I would have thought you'd gotten that Palin-bile out of your system by now - you know, after you viciously slimed her entire family and her to the satisfaction of even the most ardent Palin-haters. What's this with devoting a full WEEK to sliming her some more even though she's safely ensconced back in Alaska at her regular job, running, you know, the state, and having lost the election weeks before? And with your guy off and running in the new and esteemed "Office of the President-Elect"? Could you be just a little bit, oh, I just wonder, SCARED? I've heard it said this fear was there but I haven't been keeping up on the lefties so much now, and I wasn't sure it was true. Until I saw that week's worth of comics. For most people, a loss of the election is pretty much the end of story, and with all that hopeychangeyness coming your way, wouldn't you be all, like, celebrating and shit?

As to 40 years of being woefully ignorant of how the world works...well I guess you oughta know. Palin's been busy accomplishing things in that time; not just spouting fascist stupidity for the amusement of leftist onlookers. I think what you're really afraid of is that despite her folksy demeanor and way of talking, it came to light that she's really a hell of a lot smarter than anyone thought a "Christopathic* Godbag Reactionary Mere Mother" could ever be. And if I were you, I'd feel the same way. It surprised me, to be honest, though I don't know why, when I ought to know better (since I'm one of those Christopathic Godbag Reactionary Mere Mothers" myself and I've been smart all my life, and took time to educate myself as well.) Well, good luck with that; I really don't envy you all the hangover you're going to have when your utopian Stalinist dreams come to ruin.

*I just saw the term Christopathic used somewhere to refer to Bush - add it to the list! One more name I can invent for the fascist Obamaniacs!


Doc Holliday said...

I'm not surprised that the yammering class is still screaming about Governor Palin.

As you pointed out, she is a threat to the socialists because she is absolutely the ONLY high profile conservative on the national scene. She is the only Republican who can muster up crowds of 20,000 to see her and hear her speak, on a repeatable basis. If the Republican party is to reform itself, SHE is the most likely person to rally the masses.

There is another point I'd like to make. After years of mocking him, Bush is useless as the punchline in leftist "jokes". I put jokes in quotes because leftists do not really have a sense of humor, they laugh and applaud denigration of republicans and conservatives, and Christians to reassure each other that they are all of the same "right-thinking" tribe. They are smart, clever, and compassionate, and all others should be sent to the camps.

Is it even IMAGINABLE that leftists will make jokes about Barack Hubris Obama? (Peace be unto him) Is it imaginable that they will do so within the next two years even? I'm sure that the first (and the tenth) prominent comedian who dares make fun of "THE ONE" will be publicly savaged, denounced as racist, and will see a near-death experience of his career.

Obama won the election. The Democrats have achieved almost total hegemony of the Congress, and the way they see it, re-making America into the United Socialist States of America is just a matter of mopping up the detritus of Christianity, talk radio, free enterprise, and knuckle-dragging gun clingers.

The ironic thing is that by mocking Sarah Palin, they reveal to us her importance, not just to them, but to us.

AnnieMcPhee said...

Yeah, that is very well said. I thought this was very eye-opening; I thought maybe people were being a little self-deluding by referring to the fear of Palin, but, uh - no, I'm convinced it's quite real now. And for exactly the reasons you say.

Hell, I'm going to tell you the truth; I was so pissed about McCain being the nominee that I had vowed not to even pay the slightest ATTENTION to the election coverage - right or left. I was going to ignore it, I was telling people not to mention it to me, don't even bother...and then suddenly she was there and no one could miss it. If a jaded old bitch can be roused like that, what about all the other, decent people in this country? Other people who still love it and have some faith? Well we saw, didn't we. We saw the massive rallies, we saw the excitement, and personally I grew more excited as I saw that everyone who met her was profoundly affected, whether left or right. She wasn't some dumb bumpkin bible-thumper at all; she's a dynamic, highly intelligent, pretty slick lady. And no matter what they say about the interviews, she got the answers right to everything that mattered.

Yeah, it's looking bright for the future actually. And like you say, this continued attack only proves that.

Ripley said...

Doonesbury? Gary Trudeau? He's still alive?!

Who knew?
I think it must have been at least 15 years since I've seen a single Doonesbury cartoon.

It's kind of like watching a movie with those former SNL lame-fucks ..... but with more conspicuous self-importance.


AnnieMcPhee said...

Yeah, been a long time for me. I don't take any newspapers and I never bother looking up comics online. For some reason I felt a sudden curiosity about what this asshole did during the election. I couldn't find out (archives only go back two weeks) but looks like he's got nothing better to do than bash Palin - and for ridiculous, nonsensical things that aren't funny at all - so I guess we haven't missed much in the last 15 years (maybe 8 for me.)

Hehe - amen on the conspicuous self-importance.

Larry said...

It's been said that it took 4 years of Carter to get Reagan.
I think the Left is afraid that they are seeing what's planned for them in another 4 years.

AnnieMcPhee said...

It did indeed, Larry. It remains to be seen how long this abominable regime will last, but it depends on him, really. How hard a left turn he takes. If people are sitting in gas lines (and he has stated already that his energy plan will lead to skyrocketing prices and crises) and facing double-digit unemployment in 4 years, we're looking at the real hope of another Reagan or the like. If congress changes in the middle like they did with Clintoon, they might stave off real disaster and then it's 8 years more likely. Depends - and it depends if a suitable candidate is raised up against him (one who actually believes in, you know, the constitution and understands free markets.)