March 31, 2009

Bill Maher Should Die a Horrible Death

Painfully and slowly.

In case this makes absolutely no sense to you at all, a little explanation: According to leftists who choose to let Hollywood and MSNBC shape their worldview, our troops aren't out there to defend their freedom or keep terrorists at bay, but to rape women and children. Why anyone would want to believe this is a question for a psychiatrist to answer — or better still, a priest

Yes, a priest indeed. Ummm...for these MORONS and LIARS and TRAITORS, apparently war means, as Obama said just recently, carptebombing villages and murdering civilians. This INFANTILE view of what war IS says that war is going into a foreign country and just throwing bombs at the people we find there, dropping warheads into their villages, setting them on fire (after raping them), and generally RIOTING in their streets. I am deeply ashamed to say that THAT is also what **I** thought war was - just go and kill people at random. Yeah, no, that isn't what war is. That isn't what "undeclared" wars are. That isn't what happens even in the war on terror, which involved a very non-descript enemy. IT. JUST. ISN'T. And if you are so stupid in this time of information to THINK that it is, you are a fucking idiot. And you can die like all other traitors die. Except with more pain.

Don't worry, the Palestinians will go mad cheering your death in the streets because they're fucking animals. H/T to Moonbattery


Hammer said...

Maher should be used for waterboard training.

AnnieMcPhee said...

What an utterly LOATHSOME man, and utterly LOATHSOME to our servicemen!!

It's for people like HIM that people wear shirts that say, "I'd rather be waterboarding!"

I don't care if he dies and I hope it HURTS. Fucker.

AnnieMcPhee said...

By the way, our new little doggie is sleeping right now...peacefully. He seemed to have drunk some water, and he ate a tiny bit...but..uh...when shall he shit or pee? Because there's no way a tiny animal can go without peeing this long. We don't see puddles anywhere, or smell anything, and frankly he DOES enjoy getting love and he DOES enjoy pls?

I mean he HAS to pee!

Travis Lee said...

Our military ISN'T carpetbombing villages, and murdering civilians?

What the fuck?!

I want my money back!

phthaloblu said...

Maher needs to rape himself for that comment. That was in such bad taste, He's not even funny, why were people laughing? Oh, that's right, because they are leftist twits with no thought process beyond potty humor.

For all the leftists out there who don't understand war: WE WON THOSE WARS YOU ASS WIPES! So that means we get the spoils which are a military base on the loser's soil and troops there for life. So, put your big girl panties on and deal with it, whiner!

HoosierArmyMom said...

Well, it may all be fixed by terrorists (oops! those who do man created disasters!) soon.

Just a little rant about the moonbat wimp approach to National Security! If the terrorists strike DC, hopefully Maher will be there rubbing noses with the liberal elite!

Anonymous said...

Bill Maher you said "rich people don't create jobs" and that "the only socialist section in this country are Rich people". Then who creates jobs poor people? An last time I checked you are worth about 20 million dollars but you still continue to bitch about your own people. The next HBO special should be called hypocrite by Bill Maher. This man is the very definition of hypocritical an how can he not believe in a higher being in life what a cynical little boy.

Anonymous said...

Yes the liberal elite such as Rod Blagojevich (d) senator of Illinois and John Edwards (d) senator North Carolina. Wait a tick there not elite there both convicted felons who can't vote anymore. Or wait liberal elites like John Kerry who was the first to throw all of his non deserved purple hearts in the Washington monument.... Yeah those liberal elites of our day great men very honorable