March 27, 2009

Dreams from My Communist Father

So THAT'S where he gets it from.

"What is more important is to find means by which we can redistribute our economic gains to the benefit of all," said the senior Obama, a Harvard-educated economist. "This is the government's obligation." The "means" he had in mind were confiscatory taxes on a scale that redefines the term "progressive taxation."

"Theoretically," he wrote, "there is nothing that can stop the government from taxing 100% of income so long as the people get benefits from the government commensurate with their income which is taxed."

Therefore, he added, "I do not see why the government cannot tax those who have more and syphon some of these revenues into savings which can be utilized in investment for future development."

Hat Tip to The Jawa Report.


kid said...


phthaloblu said...

I don't know about Annie, but I just hate people in general. ;_)

AnnieMcPhee said...

Pthalo got it right :D

Travis Lee said...

What's that, Kid?

Isn't his mother white?

Wasn't he abandoned by his father, and taken care of by his (white) grandparents when she neglected him?

The only colors important about him are commie red, and Soros' green cash.

And I don't hate YOU because you're black either.

I just pity you because you are a pathetic representative of your race.

AnnieMcPhee said...

I thought it was a joke...but it appears to be serious. LOL


Anonymous said...

This is hardly "new news,"
Annie. We have known about Big Commie's [Nobama] ties with an assortment of left-wing miscreants since birth, for quite a while now.

AnnieMcPhee said...

Yes, we have. But I'm not a journalist, just a blogger. Since I just came across some of the senior Obama's writings, I figured I'd share them :)