March 14, 2009

How Will He Die?

Can you fathom showing that to your children? Neither can I. Other? You fucking BET it's OTHER. If YOU are not other than that, stay far far away from me. Here's some sanity.

That's Israeli. Civilized.

Obama chose to go on the television of Al Arabya as opposed to that of our allies, the Israelis. You tell ME what that means. No, don't; I don't care. I know what it means.

Ok, THIS is funny. Why is it funny? Because I found this ridiculous ad on Rush Limbaugh's site as opposed to on a dumbfuck leftist site. He LOVES it. It's hilarious. Here it is: LOL

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phthaloblu said...

Those people over there are truly fucked up. Somebody once suggested maybe there is something in the water or the air that makes them so hateful. Doesn't matter the why of it, only that they are.