March 27, 2009

Withholding Information!

So, I have these co-workers. I try to avoid scenarios like that, but you know - sometimes you have to work with others. Tragic state of being.

This one guy just LOVED rubbing it in during the election - he hated Bush, and he's this blue collar type of guy, ergo Obama = Salvation!

Unfortunately, he didn't think it through very closely. He came to me yesterday and said, "I thought...I mean, we were supposed to get MORE money in our paychecks every week, isn't that what the president SAID?"

I was like no, no, I'm pretty sure that isn't what he said, but...?

Well, because, you see, here's my paycheck, and it says "New federal withholding tables in place" but I got hit really hard! I NEVER had that much taken out before! Wasn't the stimulus supposed to pay for that?", no it wasn't, but what is your complaint exactly?

I got a LOT more taxes taken out this week than last week or any other week...I thought we were supposed to get MORE money in our checks!

I see...were you supposed to get your mortgage paid for and gas in your tank too? Let me see.

Oh, wait. I see the problem - you WORK, right?


You EARN money, right?


Well, there you go, rich white man! YOU aren't getting any money, you are going to PAY for other people to sit on their asses and collect. YOU are the PAYOR, not the PAYEE. You getting it yet? YOU PAY FOR IT.

Wait, what?


phthaloblu said...

LOL! Welcome to hope and change in 2009, sucker!

AnnieMcPhee said...

Buyers' remorse - while I will laugh at them in glee, I will not forgive. What they're costing us with this hope and change shit is obscene. No mercy.

Hammer said...

I always say.

After Obama all you'll have left is change.

Travis Lee said...

Obama won with a Billion dollar war chest, the absolute support of the so-called news media, and the September suprise attack on the US financial system.

Even for all that, he only got 52% of the popular vote.

I imagine he would have lost if the GOP fielded a REPUBLICAN candidate rather than McCain.

AnnieMcPhee said...

"I imagine he would have lost if the GOP fielded a REPUBLICAN candidate rather than McCain."

Yep. And they will win again if they do the same next time around. If they don't, they will have to wait 8 years when the people are ready for a "change."

Larry said...

Working is a hell of a way to make a living.
I have co-workers like that as well, but I have one that is adamantly the other way. He's the type that thinks that Sean and Rush and Neal are OK for flaming lefties.