March 6, 2009

The FATwa Continues

This is what the DNC is spending our money on**. A slogan contest. To tell off Rush Limbaugh. On a billboard. In Florida. Then on the billboard itself. You can tell these are very serious people, and these are very serious times. Supposedly this was the time to end petty disputes and band together as Americans to get through this crisis, which is going to get worse. We all had to have some skin in the game.

THAT was the game? Running slogan contests for billboards to attack a civilian? And giving away T-shirts? Are you kidding me? This is how we're going to get through these rough times? LOL - next time you hear Obi-wan Jugears spouting platitudes, you remember this. You remember what they're REALLY doing. Aside from spending us into a new Great Depression, that is.

**To be fair, I'm sure it was earmarked. There are probably billions in earmarks for slogan campaigns against Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity in the new law.


Anonymous said...

I sent the following slogan to the DNC contest. "Rush, to vote democrats out in 2010 and 2012!"

Annie, if you, Right Guy or Dondero don't hear from me in the next few weeks, you'll know I have been shipped off to a re-education camp. ;)

phthaloblu said...

When will the democrapic party grow up? I mean, these are the same people touting free speech. So what if Rush doesn't agree with democrapic principles? A lot of people don't, but he just one very vocal person. What they don't like about him is not only his vocalness, but that he is exactly like the extremists are; IN YOUR FACE. They can't even see how much they are like him. But, let them keep doing what they're doing, because the more they do it, the more people will support Rush out of frustration. I heard he issued a a challenge for Obi-jug-ears to come on his show and debate and hare ideas. Without his teleprompter, or notes. But, it won't happen becaues Obi-jug thinks he is above all this since he got elected. Reality is a bitch, huh?

AnnieMcPhee said...

William - the same time I considered sending one in and then didn't, for that very reason. With crappy nappy proposing spychips in all our licenses, and every doctor's visit reported now to the feds?

Then again that's kind of the point - to resist. Well, I'll send one in too and report back to y'all. Keep checking in so we know we don't have to avenge you just yet William :)

Anonymous said...

Phthaloblu, I made a comment at Libertarian Republican, addressing your thought about democrats and freedom.

By the way, Phthaloblu, I notice you are an artist and even went to "art school." Have you seen the movie, "Art School Confidential?" I can only imagine what it is like at an "art school." Some of the characters in the movie resemble snot nosed, left-wing tree hugger kids that go to college in my town. I'd say about 99.9% of these dunces are from well to do families. Hell, did you ever see a poor kid that wanted his economic freedom restricted?

Ok Annie, deal! And if I don't see any new posts from you, I'll rondevous with the liberty patrol, to plot your escape. ;) Let us know what your "Rush" slogan is, ok? Here is the link:

AnnieMcPhee said...

Huh...I submitted the slogan (and I know it's over the top; I'm fucking with them) "Rush, Inspiring Us and Making Us Laugh for 20 Years." (Not sure if that's the right number but it's close enough.)

Then it doesn't even say "slogan successfully submitted" - it just takes you to a donation page. In order to move our Democratic agenda forward we need money.

That's it; I'm submitting ANOTHER slogan - "Dims - Wasting Your Contributions Longer Than Rush Has Been On Air." Wtf? If they needed money so fucking bad, why are they wasting it on this shit? I'm gonna submit a few along those veins. And yes, I espect to get a knock on the door any fucking day. Good god.

AnnieMcPhee said...

Help Us Attack A Private Citizen and Spend Millions! Love, The Democrats

Dems: Attacking Civilians With Confiscatory Dollars Since Before Rush was on the Air!

phthaloblu said...


I didn't go to any upscale art school. The one I went to was actually in an old elementary school building (dark and dreary). I couldn't afford to go to my first choice. And all my classmates were pretty much like me, too. It was the class that came after us that were the spoiled brats. Mommy and daddy buying them new cars so their babies wouldn't be left stranded. Boo hoo. Being left stranded sometimes is good for learning how to take care of yourself instead of crying home to mommy and daddy. I drove an old beater and those spoiled brats made fun of me and my classmates for buying used clothing and materials. I don't care. I know I can take care of myself if I have to. My husband makes sure I don't, but I've done it before and I know I can do it again. That's something you don't forget how to do. A lot of those kids left art school and moved back home with mom and dad. I know because some of them worked with me at the printing company. :-P~~~~~

And no, I've never heard of Art School Confidential. Am I missing anything? lol!