March 19, 2009

Humor and New Blogs

That was The Teleprompter Jesus without his favorite piece of electronic equipment. Yikes! For that, other footage, and some funny commentary, I'd like to encourage you to give Barack's Teleprompter a try.** For now, it's going on my blogroll. If you people "Twitter" or "Tweet" it's there, too, but I have never bothered with that service.

Also, a hearty welcome to HoosierArmyMom and her band of merry pirates. Everyone knows how awesome pirates are anyway (though this article reveals some unsettling truths about Somali pirates - including why they wear support hose) so I'm really looking forward to the sea journeys!

**I'll note that so far there's no footage of the St. Patrick's day teleprompter SNAFU, which was so extreme (culminating in Barry thanking *himself* for inviting himself) that I'm expecting Tele to break out into "Bicycle Built for Two" anytime now. Then again I haven't really looked for it after reading the account. Has anyone else seen it? And is anyone else a little worried about Tele?


Hammer said...

You know the Obamatons are destroying any evidence of that st pattys day video.

It just shows what a ridiculous fool he is.

My 2nd grader was handed the wrong lines for her school performance so she told the music teacher that it wasn't her part.

If a 7 year old can do it why can't the potus?

HoosierArmyMom said...

Must be like, "I'd like to thank ME for being ME and making time to be HERE". LOL!!!

Cao's Blog has a kewl post where a world renouned expert on Narcissistic Personality Disorder lays out how Obama fits the parameters! Pretty interesting!

Travis Lee said...

If I call Obama stupid, will the retard lobby get mad at me?

Maybe calling Obama stupid is an insult to stupid people, come to think of it.

AnnieMcPhee said...

Well he gratuitously slammed the Special Olympics people in trying to sound self-deprecating. Could you imagine if Rush had made such a comment? Because I can.

Suddenly the PC left is saying "Oh, get over it. Stop being so sensitive." Heh.

Eema-le said...

The Special Olympics comment shows his true colors. There is no way in hell that any Republican would have been able to just say that he/she is sorry and end it. The double standard is disgusting. We already know what Dems think of people with special needs, then think that they should be aborted. They were appalled that Palin chose to give birth to a child with DS. Why not mock the Special Olympics?

Kat said...

Had George W. ever blunddered...thanked himself...we would never have heard the end of it. The video would not have gone underground. No. It would have been mercilessly played over and over and over. Makes me furious.

AnnieMcPhee said...

That's actually a really good point, Kat. That video would have gone viral! We would have been seeing it (and we STILL would be seeing it) - I mean, I have books of funny presidential blunders, including for the first Bush. People collect them into humorous little volumes after various presidencies.

Who the hell is collecting Obama's humorous blunders? Only us, apparently.

Unfortunately, he's almost never funny, even unintentionally.

phthaloblu said...


I read that article! And all I could think of was, I'm not even an expert and I could've told ya that! I especially think that the part where his acquaintance from university said that when he was elected president of the law review society (am I right?) that he was more interested in BEING president than he was in actually fulfilling the presidential obligations of the law review society. So, when I heard about the gaffe with him thanking himself, that is what immediately came to mind. Because if he had been paying attention, he would've caught it and not made a fool of himself. But, he's too busy basking in his own greatness.