January 6, 2009

Bloomberg in Yer Puter, Shredding Yer Anti-Semitism

Finally some common sense. Well maybe except the last 30 seconds or so ;)

Oh yeah, more common sense. At last.

Lastly, what the HELL is HuffPo HUFFING? There has to be a political reason for this one, but I'm drawing a blank. HuffPo exposing global warming as an utter (and obscene) hoax? Huh?


Eema-le said...

I'm posting that Bloomberg video on my blog, and I'm totally stealing the HuffPo article as well. And here, I've been called ignorant, crazy, and paranoid for all of these years. Do you think that I'll get any apologies personally?

AnnieMcPhee said...

Ah, I get what you mean now - yes I hope you get the apologies, but the rest of the media hasn't apparently caught on to this yet. Though Belgium published a political cartoon the other day where people were so cold that they were burning copies of Algore's book to keep warm heh.

It's gradually becoming clear as the Arctic cap grows faster than anyone understood possible and Brits invest hundreds of millions into Algore's ultimate ponzi scheme that this has all been an elaborate hoax for enormous gain. Yet people believe in it so religiously, how can they give it up? Never mind that our religion 30 years ago told us the ice age was coming any day and we were all going to be long ago buried in garbage (until someone did the math and that lie quietly died of shame) - short memories abound.

Good luck - word is getting around and we're just the ones to spread it :)