January 7, 2009

You Really Can't Write This Stuff

Larry Flynt (yes, that Larry Flynt) and Joe Francis, CEO of Girls Gone Wild and criminal underage pornographer have requested a 5 billion dollar bailout from congress. Well, they're probably hurting what with all the free porn available to all ages on the internet. Hey, it's been a long time since we hunted through National Geographic to catch a glimpse of boob. Actually I don't even know why I did that considering my father kept Playboy right by the toilet and it wasn't exactly as 'tasteful' then as it got later. What do you mean, girls don't do that? Shut up.

I don't know. Flynt's an asshole and obviously Francis is too, and Flynt loves to make a mockery out of the US government and the legal system, but...at this point, who cares? We've got a whole cast of barking moonbats taking charge, what's left to "make" a mockery of? It would be kind of funny if they got it, and frankly there are worse misuses of our tax dollars (trillions worth coming right up!) so go for it, guys. Strike while the iron's hot.

1 comment:

Larry said...

If nothing else, it will help to illustrate the idiocy that the bailout frenzy has become.
Not that it was any less idiotic at the beginning, but still.