January 21, 2009

Sleeping on the Job Already?

Some scenes from Bush's original inauguration. Tell me WHERE the hell were the tomatoes yesterday? Don't tell me we're lazy...oh, right. WE have JOBS. Unlike the assholes who do things like that. Well still, don't even tell me the Usurper gets a honeymoon. Oh hell no. I think he's had plenty honeymoon, what with the lack of tomatoes and then the NON-vandalized White House (another kindness Bush did not receive) to start working from. Let's step it up, and don't let the left imagine for one second they're going to be allowed to enjoy unsullied the Usurper's reign, that there is a honeymoon period, or that there will be a reprieve from partisanship or political warfare. The above video is just one more thing that will never be forgotten or forgiven. And anytime someone tells me "Oh come on, he's what we have now, make the best of it" I'm going to show them that and say, "When hell freezes over." Though since we seem to be headed for an ice age rather than global warming, maybe we need a new phrase.

H/T To Gonzo

They booed and pelted Bush on the way in. They booed him again AT THE INAUGURATION (just to remind you, WE didn't even boo CARTER on his way out). They boo a beautiful 6 year old girl at a photo op:

And then have the gall to ask us play nice? No, I really don't think so. Here's hoping the day comes that I get to boo Malia or Sasha over a loudspeaker - and I will. Even better, the lantern-jawed bowlegged Spider-Woman first "lady." Make her proud of her country, you know? I never got down into the filthy muck with the left - it's kind of freeing to be able to be THAT vicious and that tasteless...I wonder how long I can live with myself being on their level? Though I have yet to reach that low - they've left a tough roe to hoe there.

UPDATE: Keep it CLASSY, Blowbama. Skip the ball honoring the Medal of Honor servicemen (that no president has skipped in FIFTY-SIX YEARS) but make sure and get to the BET ball. It's more important. Good priorities, asshole. I guess it's the same as the canceled visit to wounded soldiers (since no cameras were allowed.) If the glory might be for someone else, you'd best skip it, self-aggrandizing prick.

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Larry said...

It's going to be a fun 4 years!