January 1, 2009

Little Moshe

Look at Moshe's face. LOOK at it. Moshe is weeping and wailing because his parents were murdered right in front of him in Mumbai. They were murdered FOR being Jewish. There was all of one Rabbi and ONE Jewish Centre in the whole place, and 1/5 of the terrorist contingent was focused on torturing and killing THEM - those dirty Jews. As he sat drenched in their blood, in the middle of the INHUMAN scene below, you just remember to think of that little baby next time you tell me about fucking Hamas or how MEAN Israel is. And then? Don't do it, because I hate you. No patience, NO MERCY for Palestinian sympathizers and other Arab terrorist sympathizers and all Amti-Semite descendents of Ishmael. None. They can ALL die with Moshe's little face on their souls for all eternity.

Thank God, Moshe is doing all right - as all right as someone can do who has been through such horror. His nanny rightly got him OUT of the building (though she castigates herself for not trying to help the dead parents, God bless her) and his custody was not secure last I checked, but he has his nanny, and she says he is learning to play and laugh again, though he wants her nearby at all times.

Read the full story (that's not a request; read it.) And don't EVER tell me Hamas is just too stupid to know any better and needs a little understanding - Hamas can eat my shit and choke on it, then get their faces stomped on. No mercy. No justice, no peace. Instead of building a terrorist BASE camp on the strip, they should have instead PEOPLED it and tried to build a life - they didn't. End of story; now they go bye-bye. And I won't weep a single tear.

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Larry said...

Hamas is just too stupid to know any better, and all they need is a high-explosive education.
It looks like the IDF is providing the tutoring...for now.