January 23, 2009

What The Left Thinks Of You

Can we please, before anything else, resolve not to forget these things? The video I posted below of Bush being pelted with tomatoes at his inauguration, so on and so forth - I'm going to make a label for "the left hates you" and everything that fits this category will be tagged. This way we'll have just a smattering of it all in one place so we don't forget to return the favor for the next four years huh?

While I'm on the topic, if you haven't read this then read it now. Yeah, what he said.


Valerie said...

This is probably from the same people who made such a fuss about Palin's "Real America" comment.

Just another example of the liberal hypocracy at it's best.

It's also terribly sad to me, that I am in one of those blue states. Things have got to change around here. I would much rather be free in "dumbfuckistan" than a slave to the government in America.

Larry said...

I haven't gotten my unicorn yet either.
I'm beginning to think those folks would lie to me...

AnnieMcPhee said...

At this point, Larry, I'd settle for the promised Unicorn *farts*. Instead it looks like we have a new promise of a nuclear Iran and an administration that capitulates to the terrorist world at large.