January 14, 2009

Bizarre Moment of Zen

The title is from The Daily Show - I don't watch it anymore, so don't know if they still use it or not.

That's a Japanese man doing the song and impersonating Louis Armstrong (one of my favorite songs, and I love Louis Armstrong). Apparently this "darkie" culture is pretty big there, and accepted. Then again, Ikizukuri also works there, which is something I really can't relate to. See below. And don't look if you're easily shocked.

Cracked says

You can even choose your own fish for the kill, so if you're an asshole you can go for the one which seems happiest at the moment. The chef will then use his Matrix skills to partially gut and cut it up in mere seconds and serve it you. The trick here? He must cut the fish without killing it. With its heart exposed and beating, gills still working, trying to gasp for air and those last few seconds of pain-filled consciousness, staring at you with its slowly dying eyes which ask you in a fainting tone... "Why... . why... wh... y... w," your fish is ready for eating.

Often the chef will take the pieces he cut from the fish and "reassemble" them, like some nightmarish jigsaw puzzle. It might be considered quite spectacular from a culinary point of view, but thinking of it as some form of sick joke to taunt the fish is much more rewarding.

I had seen it before on one of the Learning Channels, but at least Cracked makes it funny.

This is weird. I thought he was getting cold feet and backpedaling about this. Then again, I don't know if he's just trying to confuse the hell out of everyone by taking every position on every issue then going in and doing exactly what he wants, or if he's just so fucking stupid he doesn't know what he's doing or is going to do. We'll find out soon.

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