January 25, 2009

The Man in the Mirror!

The definition of sincerity! Oh yes I believe!,/p>That man never listened to hate. NO "God damn America" for him. He listened to LOVE. Quite the man.

If you go to mock him, let me ask you - when's the last time YOU filled a stadium? Bitch!


phthaloblu said...

I've always liked his music. I bought HIStory when it first came out. Do you believe anything about the child molestation charges? Not sure what to believe there. He is one creative master when it comes to music and dancing.

AnnieMcPhee said...

NO I do not believe the child molestation charges. At all.

He is a musical genius. That is all.

Travis Lee said...

See, the way I avoid child molestation charges is I cut WAY down on naked massages with 12 yr old boys in my bed. I don't give them alcohol either.

I get arrested a lot less since I implemented these policies. (on my attorney's advice)

I quit sleeping with an orangatan in my hyperbaric oxygen chamber, too.

AnnieMcPhee said...

LOL - I know, Travis; I'm not saying he isn't an utter kook or a very damaged person in many ways. However, I do also believe that he got a serious reality check after that Bashir guy screwed him over. South Park had a very good episode on it - basically, they didn't believe the dirt either, BUT they got across the message that HE is a dad now, and he has his OWN kids to worry about rather than all the kids of the world. I honestly think he took the message.

Of course I have been known to be wrong about these things before; but he is good friends with Barry Gibb, who has said he had no qualms about letting his kids be with Jackson. Also, that woman with the 12 year old cancer son, who told that dirt last time? She had done that to other people before, in order to rake in money. She's a scammer. She thought she could just soak the guy for more money (he had already helped her a lot) but she didn't realize the DA had a very personal vendetta against Jackson for beating the charges the last time. The guy was clearly out to make a name for himself.

I'm just saying, there's really been nothing substantial proved except that he is very weird and has/had very poor judgment indeed.