February 13, 2009

"Good Faith"?

Baby 'Liss.

McEwan today,

Now is the time for the overtures to end. The GOP has been given more than enough chance to prove they're operating in good faith. They are not.

Extraordinary. Or maybe they're, you know, acting in good faith with THEIR CONSTITUENTS and not your Messiah; especially considering support for this bill is plumetting like a lead zeppelin. But I can think of a few reasons, dear young crybaby, why the House Republicans won't vote for it. (And by the way, if everyone's acting in "good faith" wouldn't a few Dims have voted AGAINST it? Did that happen?)

    They know what devastation this bill will wreak and they don't want any of the blame.
    They genuinely think the bill is wrong.
    Their base hates them because they're mostly RINOs and liberals, and especially after the McLame debacle they have to operate conservatively - the conservative base has made it clear that this "reaching across the aisle" just so Dims can break your fucking arm is not to be tolerated any longer. They have much more to fear now than broken arms from Dims - they face the spectre of non-re-election. They have to actually be conservatives and stand up against Dim/Socialist unconstitutional bullshit.
    They don't have to vote for a bad bill just because it makes them look gracious.
    They're raaaaaacist space aliens who feast on newborn kittens and spread albino brain chiggers to the public just to watch them suffer.

Now I'm not sure, but it could be a combination of those things. But they're probably really racist space aliens.

Lefties, on the other hand, are never happy even when they get their way. They just keep wailing.


phthaloblu said...

I keep saying, why are the bitching? Their boy won the election! I guess it's gonna take 'em some (more) time to realize that not everybody is gonna agree. lol!

AnnieMcPhee said...

I know; it's like they're smearing feces across our faces, and they're not grateful enough that we're just sitting there letting them do it, they demand we tell them how much we like the smell, too. And if they get the hint that we're just SAYING it and don't mean it? If they devise a way to police our thoughts too? Well, then, they'll REALLY be mad lol. What a buncha crybabies.