February 11, 2009

Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard UPDATE

Raaaaaaaaaacist! (Figured I'd beat 'em to it.)

Obama Claus has come to town! Free houses and broadcasting jobs for McDonald's workers and all comers! Just don't call yourself a plumber. Some people think the Hughes story is a bit fishy, kind of like the timing of the sudden crash, when 500 billion dollars was yanked in a period of a few hours.

It couldn't be that some things are...orchestrated? Like those fortuitous rocks Billy-boy found on the beach at Normandy so that he could arrange them tearfully into the shape of a cross for the cameras? Or that laughter at his friend's funeral that turned to sudden tears? Nah; things like that don't happen in the second, Most Ethical Administration EVAH! Poor Henrietta, though - wait 'til she gets sick and the new health Czar tells her it's not cost-effective to prolong her life - now give back that house, eh? The Messiah has need of it.

Oh and get this: Republican senators have vowed to filibuster the Fairness Doctrine, which is enjoying a lot of renewed support (and demand) by Dim congressleeches. So let me get this straight, you assholes have just passed a bill that brings the federal government down to rule over EVERY ASPECT Of our personal lives - down to the MOST personal decisions and events - and have instituted an entirely totalitarian society that we are now going to have to pay for out of OUR pockets for countless generations...and we're supposed to be glad that at least we get to listen to the apocalypse on the fucking radio? Are you SERIOUS?

Where were you when we needed you, asstards? Where were you to stop the rape and abortion of our civil rights, privacy, autonomy and Constitution? Screw the fairness doctrine - frankly if I'm going to starve to death under a communist dictatorship, I'd rather NOT hear about it every day. Just give me some bread and a fucking circus to watch while my children go out and dig my grave for me, eh? This senate needs to be executed.

UPDATE on the Henrietta and Julio stories - looks like a lot was fishy about these stories, just like all the money being pulled out precipitating the crash. And that woman didn't really swim the Atlantic either. Harumph. Seems like the wool's being pulled over the sheeple's eyes a LOT lately.

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