February 6, 2009

Milton Friedman PWNS Phil Donahue

1979. Donahue does his thing. While he is not as funny as Phil Hartman impersonating him, he's still kinda funny. In a "laughing at you" kind of way. But Milton shreds him pretty handily. Enjoy.


Travis Lee said...

Donohue doesn't move, doesn't blink, doesn't change his expression in the slightest.

Kind of like my turtle when I tried explaining calculus.

Hmm my turtle DID seem a little brighter.

phthaloblu said...

Friedman pwns them all. Too bad most of the idjits in Congress refuse to listen to him. But, what does he know anyway? The Obamessiah is gonna sayeyave us all!

Anonymous said...

I heard this clip on the Mark Levin show. Thanks for posting this, Annie.

Friedman sounds like an adult giving a lecture to a troubled teen. But then, that is the difference between libertarians/conservatives and the spoiled, out of control "progressives." The former uses reason and empirical evidence to present their ideas. The left throws tantrums, and uses vitriol and propaganda to advance their evil agenda. And make no mistake about it, socialism is evil in every sense of the word, evil. So evil that the evil empire the great Ronald Reagan warned us about has surfaced in our own country with a leader (POTUS) and a band of miscreants (Congress).

Greed? I am always astonished how mega rich celebrities such as Phil Donahue, can live the life of luxury; luxury most of us will never attain, and still piss and moan about how life is not fair.

Brace yourself folks, we have had this communist degenerate in charge for only a couple of weeks. It is along way before 2010 when Republicans (hopefully Republicans who are libertarians and conservatives)are elected to put this mutt on a leash, the way Congress controlled another mad man back in 1994.