February 27, 2009

No Debate - More Madness

How is it that this petty dictator, this tyrant, is RAMMING this shit through WITHOUT any procedure, WITHOUT any debate, WITHOUT meaningful opposition...yet the left is stomping and screaming about the mean tone of conservative talk show hosts (while using and employing more hate-filled words and rhetoric than any talk show host ever could) and stomping and screaming about "obstructionists" who can't possibly mount a meaningful opposition even if they wanted to? What kind of la-la land are those people living in? Look, I remember Reagan being accused of bankrupting future generations as well (by people who conveniently ignored the fact that he had a completely democrat congress and senate who demanded shit spending) and of course Bush was accused of the same thing (while Clinton was lauded for a false snapshot "surplus" that was never used to pay down any actual debt) so I'm not necessarily going to complain that we can't pay for it. Which we can't. Of course calling tax cuts an "expense" is a false complaint in the first place, and measures that ACTUALLY stimulate and grow the economy (unlike runaway spending on make-work projects and earmarks and caps collapses the economy) are at least helpful in many ways. But try explaining economics to a leftist. Heh. This runaway spending is a sure recipe for quick disaster - Obama actually knows this, it seems, which is why he keeps warning us that it's going to get a lot worse. This is nothing but a reformatting of our entire personal liberties and system of self-governance and it's just being railroaded through before anyone can blink. It's tyranny, it's despotism, it's riddled with outright lies, and there is no comparison here between anything a conservative president or legislature has done in the last 30 years or even 50. Bankrupt the people, break their backs quickly and surely, like a cat with a tasty mouse, destroy property rights and personal liberties, and you're left with nothing but a petty tyrant and dictator. I don't know which of his cronies are going to be thrown to the wolves - Pelosi? Reid? But Obi-wan is angling for absolute rule here, and it's coming. Quickly. Actually it's here; we just haven't felt the pain yet. I see the curtains being drawn very quickly on this experiment that has held up pretty well for 200 years, this experiment in self-governance and curbing voracious government. It's a dark and bloody vision, but if you can't see it, I have to think you're blind. We didn't know for sure he would do all this, but we know now. And some of you have the gall, the balls, to complain that we wanted it to fail. If you didn't, you're a fool.

Do not forget to go to Copious Dissent so that our friend in the video gets credit for his courage.

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phthaloblu said...

I saw it. This man thinks way too highly of himself. I can almost bet he will be taken down by someone on the inside. Some else's experiment got out of hand. I don't think that the people who are truly behind him thought he would do all this. I think they thought without any experience he would be a good boy and keep his place. See what happens when you're told over and over again how great you are?