February 5, 2009

A Trillion and a Modest Proposal

A Trillion Stars.

There's a talking point right now about how a trillion dollars in federal spending (falsely named "stimulus") could not even be matched if you were to spend a million dollars per day for two thousand years. They specifically mention "since Jesus' birth" to give it a reference point. There are charts and graphical representations attempting to give an inkling what a trillion is, but it's a number only astronomers really understand (and I'm not sure they do either.)

The left is annoyed at this attempt to explain the astronomical number to people so that they can comprehend it, but they're just being stubborn. They know that if it is a trillion in deficit by Republicans they get more than ornery about it too, and will use any analogy to explain it to people and piss them off about the number.

Obama already addressed the atrocity of a trillion dollars, though, and the answer is quite simple. He claimed that if we were only to return to the "obesity" rates of 1980, we'd save Medicare a trillion dollars. The answer is thus quite simple. If the government wants to spend a trillion dollars, they have to find some cheap way of eliminating all us fat people. Death camps are too expensive - maybe we can get hold of some cheap cyanide, have them all line up to voluntarily take it, spend a few million on new jobs digging mass graves, and instruct them all to jump in neatly after consuming the poison. Just a modest proposal. I'm sure others can expound on ways of doing this cheaply and neatly. Then we'll have our trillion dollars to spend on health care! But who's gonna need it once all those icky fat people are dead?


Larry said...

Drew Carey said something about how when the next ice age hits the skinny people will die first, and then the fat people will eat them and get fatter.

AnnieMcPhee said...

Drew Carey is wise beyond his stature LOL. Mmmm - skinny people - nom nom nom.

phthaloblu said...

All those people without a clue who voted for Obama will be food for us when the feces hits the rotary ocillator. I don't even need to sharpen knives as my son sells Cutco and they never go dull. BRUHAHAHAHA!