February 25, 2009

Idiots to the Left and the Right

Ok, seriously, that camera guy's clueless questions - hey, where's everybody going? It's too hilarious. But I don't think they mock this stuff on the Daily Show or whatever the hell leftwing political comedies there are on television.

Many of the other NYU students who watched the revolt fizzle said they still don't know what the rebels wanted.

"They're requesting so many different things," said Ryan Jacobson, a 19-year-old freshman. "None of it actually seems doable."

Senior NYU Vice President Lynne Brown said that whatever it was, the protesters didn't get it.

NYU did not "bend" to student demands, and the malcontents were banned from all NYU buildings until their expulsion hearings, Brown said.

When they took over the cafeteria, the students' stated cause was a demand for greater transparency in the NYU budget.

Bwahaha! THIS is what you send kids to college for. This is why US students literally get dumber for every year they spend in public de-edukation. This is why we elected a communist barrel of monkeys into full charge of the country. This is why people cheer at empty slogans and get tingles up their legs when a black man says "Stimulus." Good lord, what a world.

And from the other corner we get this madness, which is made funny by the guy, well, making fun of it. But isn't it sad that he had 8 full YEARS of such unhinged lunacy to mock on from the left and didn't take the chance to do so? What a hugely wasted comedic potential that is.

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